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Article Collaborators : The Styling Company

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Collaborators The Styling Company

Interior stylist Raymond Ware from The Styling Company offers his tips for the ultimate look and feel at your wedding


Creating a beautiful theme and mood at your wedding is all about the finer details, but for many couples, knowing exactly what elements to focus on is difficult. Owner of The Styling Company, Raymond Ware, is an expert in drawing all the bits and pieces of a wedding together to form a consistent theme. When deciding on your theme and styling, he suggests couples should take inspiration from their experiences and cherished memories, as well as their lifestyle and personal taste in fashion and decorating. 

“Each couple’s wedding is a unique expression of their combined personalities and styles so it’s important the theme they choose brings elements of these aspects together,” says Raymond. “I always encourage my clients to start with a completely blank canvas, no matter how clear their vision is already, and to be open to interesting or quirky design cues as they gather pictures, colour samples and objects that inspire, interest or excite them.” Raymond says the colour scheme and overall theme need to be decided early on in the design process, as all the other elements will flow from these foundations. And if you’re having trouble? Get some professional help. “A good event stylist will be able to guide a couple through the short-listing and refining process as well as introduce ideas that will give the overall theme unique depth and character,” says Raymond.


Raymond’s styling tips

PICK YOUR PALETTE: It is important that you have a clearly defined palette, not just of colours, but of the design elements that will make up your theme.

OPEN MIND: Be open to experimentation and new ideas as you source the decorations, but always be conscious of how these elements will work with the overall theme, design and colour scheme.

SEATING PLAN: It is becoming very ontrend to use interesting ways to guide guests to their seats. Our mirrored seating plans have become very popular either as an A-Z arrangement for larger weddings or as individual tables for smaller gatherings. It becomes a focal point for guests on arrival and can be customised with images of the couple or a treasured piece of poetry.

TABLE DECORATION: To make your centrepiece stand out, use tall table centrepieces such as candelabras or tall, stemmed vases. These allow guests to converse across the table while still giving great visual impact after your guests are seated. Lower centrepieces will not be visible when viewed by seated guests from other tables. Remember that lower centrepieces should be no taller than 35cm otherwise they will obstruct and limit cross-table chat.

HIRE A STYLIST: While DIY can be fun, a  stylist will add invaluable insights. When visiting your venue, they will observe areas needing attention or disguising, and will often have access to suppliers that family and friends may not.



◊ The Styling Company has a great range of decorative hire items, perfect for the DIY bride. The online catalogue makes choosing easy, and the prices are shown, so there are no hidden costs.

◊ The inventory includes mirrored wishing boxes, seating plans, vessels for your candy buffet, vases, candelabras, candleholders, table centrepieces and accessories.

◊ No matter the theme of your wedding, whether an intimate garden party or lavish religious celebration and anything in between, The Styling Company can style any space with flair and professionalism.

◊ After an obligation-free consultation, an itemised quote is prepared based on your preferences, personalities and budget. This is then fine-tuned to suit the couple.

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