Styling A Vintage Inspired Wedding

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Collaborators The Melbourne Wedding Stephanie Browne Australia Sweet Boutique Events

When planning their special day, today’s brides are looking to the weddings of yesteryear for inspiration. Gemma Watts shares a comprehensive list of elegant and quirky touches to create your perfect wedding

The real feature of a vintage-inspired wedding gown is the attention to detail. Vintage-inspired dresses are all about the simplistic silhouette; forget the tulle princess ball gown. Look for a silk or vintage lace dress, featuring intricate beading and sparkling embellishments. Experiment with colours (ivory is the new white!) and luxurious fabrics such as silk, charmeuse and delicate lace, but leave taffeta to Cinderella.

The key to accentuating your wedding decor with a vintage-inspired colour scheme is to use warm, subtle hues. Nothing says vintage elegance better than warm colours illuminated by the glow of lanterns and candles. For an overall colour palette, choose two of your favourite warm or pastel hues and break them up with a neutral colour, such as beige, ivory, taupe or silvery grey. Avoid bright colours and fluros, as they will clash with the soft, feminine decor.

As a vintage-inspired alternative to a blush rose bouquet, try a pretty combination of wildflowers. Add a touch of vintage lace to the stem and complete the look with a vintage brooch for a gorgeous, personal touch with a timeless feel. This is also a great way to incorporate a precious family heirloom into your wedding attire; something old, anyone?

If you’ve gone for a dress with minimal embellishments, add a touch of vintage sparkle to your ensemble with a brooch bouquet. Brooch or heirloom bouquets are a collection of jewels creating a traditional bouquet shape, customised to suit your vision and colour scheme.

The vintage-inspired bride will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting wedding transportation. The vast majority of wedding car hire companies offer a wide range of real vintage cars, so choosing a car to suit your decor will be a breeze. To ensure a cohesive look and feel to your wedding theme, choose a neutral-coloured classic car to fit your colour scheme, or add a splash of old-world sophistication with black. If you’re looking for something truly whimsical for your special day transport, why not try a horse-drawn carriage?

Many ceremony and reception venues will include seating as part of their wedding day packages, but if you’re willing to fork out some extra cash, vintage furniture can really tie together your wedding decor. Choosing a few different designs from different companies gives you the freedom to mix and match, as well as adding a quirky, shabby-chic element to your vintage decor. Perhaps hire opulent vintage armchairs for your wedding guests to lounge on or find a beautiful vintage dresser to use as your signing table.

Moroccan, apothecary and mason jars are a gorgeous alternative to traditional vases and candelabras. Hire a collection of as many beautiful vintage jars as you can, place a single white rose in each and then arrange the jars in a cluster to create an elegant and understated centrepiece. Vintage cutlery also adds a simple, elegant touch to wedding table settings.

Sweet buffet companies are able to work exclusively with you or your wedding planner to make sure the buffet suits your wedding style and colour scheme; not only can the decorations on the buffet table be tailored to your needs, so can the sweets! If you’ve chosen a rustic palette of browns and taupe, you can’t go past jersey caramels and nougat. For the pretty-in-pink bride, try coconut ice or strawberry macarons. Delicious!

In lieu of a traditional guest book, you could let guests write their notes on address cards and then file them alphabetically in an old recipe box If you are setting off on your honeymoon soon after the wedding, grab a bunch of blank postcards for your guests to write messages on, and have them leave them in a vintage suitcase. You could even hire a vintage typewriter and desk and allow your guests to type you messages! A fun way of keeping your guests entertained is with a vintage-style photo booth.



Words: Gemma Watts
Gown: Gwendolynne

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