Do You Really Need A Wedding Stylist?

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So you’re about to get married and need the low-down on whether to opt for a stylist or not. We dive into what exactly a wedding stylist does and gives you the info you need to make the right choices

Once upon a time, the wedding stylist was reserved for the nuptials of the rich and famous in places such as Tuscany or Mexico. Think yachts, private jets and villas filled with Hollywood starlets. Things have changed in recent years, though, particularly in Australia, and with busy lives full of juggling jobs and mortgages, soon-to-be-weds are turning to wedding stylists and planners to help them take on the mammoth task of organising and perfecting their big day. We uncover some of the most important factors when it comes to styling and planning and showcase some of our favourite and diverse styles.

The low-down

So what does a wedding stylist do?
A wedding stylist is the person or organisation that focuses on creating the magical details that will make your wedding look and feel fabulous. A stylist will create a harmonious backdrop that reflects your personal style and is sure to wow your guests. Duties range from colour selection and lighting to draperies used on chairs.

Is a wedding stylist and a wedding planner the same?
No, a wedding planner is the superstar organiser behind the big day. Their duties involve anything from sourcing and sorting suppliers to managing the budget and chasing RSVPs. Sometimes wedding planners and stylists offer an all-in-one package where they cover all bases and even branch out into fl oristry. However, the three roles are separate areas.

Should I be opting for all three?
We would recommend opting for all three if you would like to relieve some of the stress associated with your big day and create a beautiful, memorable wedding — although the decision depends on your time limitations, your budget and your own personal preferences.

Style file

CWS spoke with three fabulous stylists in the business on what they offer when it comes to styling. Every wedding is unique to each couple, meaning no two weddings are ever the same. We take a peek at some of our stylists’ favourite diverse weddings. 

A flurry of floral
“My favourite ceremony and wedding reception was for a beautiful bride who came to me and asked me to create her dream wedding,” says Joanne Passfield of The Exotic Lily Event Hire. “She said there was no budget. She trusted me to just surprise her on the day ... and I did. The surprise on hers, the family’s and the guests’ faces was priceless. This beautiful ceremony and wedding reception was a highlight in my career as I had spent many hours working on every detail and used all my North American wedding education and knowledge to create an LA-style wedding fit for a celebrity. It was just magical”.

All the bells and whistles
“Most stylists have their signature look that they execute perfectly,” says Jennifer Kennedy of Bells N Whistles. “We are different.” “I have built up my team of wonderful personalities and talented people who reflect all types of styles and themes — meaning that whether a wedding is crafty, boho, elegant, traditional or something we cannot even give a name to, we can conceptualise ideas for each style of wedding.

Pari and Rowan wanted their wedding (pictured) to be a stylish, classic, black-tie event with a few fun elements at the Sydney Town Hall. When the venue found out the guest list was only 100 people, they laughed and said it would look empty. Well, we proved them wrong and, better still, it’s become one of their favourite weddings as well as mine! The couple did everything that pleased them and worked for them. The groom had 12 groomsmen, while the bride had no bridesmaids as they just couldn’t agree on a number without offending someone.

I put the groomsmen to good use though. The ceremony and reception locations were very close — approximately an 11-minute walk — so I positioned each of the groomsmen at different points of the route. I also created the best route so that guests — who were mostly visiting from overseas — saw some nice parts of the city. Each groomsman was given a top hat and white umbrella just in case a guest lost their way!”

The partial planner
Maybe you are halfway through the planning process and realise it’s just too big a job to take on? Kylie Stone, wedding and event planner for Kylie Louise Events, talks us through partial wedding planning. “Partial wedding planning is becoming a popular service. All brides have dreamt about planning their perfect wedding but unfortunately their dream failed to enlighten them on how long it actually takes to plan a wedding and how to do it when you are holding down a full-time job,” says Kylie.

“Six months out from the wedding, some couples find that planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. Instead of stressing about their wedding day, they would rather enjoy the remainder of their engagement period and this is where partial wedding planners step in. We take all that worry and stress away. We spend the time getting to know the couple, their style and the wedding that they have planned so far. From there, we work out the remaining suppliers that need to be booked and all the details of the wedding that need to be organised, ensuring the wedding day comes together.”

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