Expert Advice: How To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

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The way you position your body is crucial to making your gown and body look great. Model Perrie Kapernaors gives us a few simple tips to get your best angle in your wedding shots.

Do your homework: It may sound silly, but the best way to learn about how your body looks is to practise in front of a mirror and see how you look. Do you look better with your face tilted to the right or left? Which leg is more comfortable where? Do you need to elongate your legs or define your waist?

Study old photographs of yourself: Have a flick through some old photos and find which ones you like best. These are the best signifiers of what works and what doesn’t so spend some time finding your best angle.

Practise with your gown and a friend: Get a friend to help you practise posing while wearing your gown. A fi tted dress may look more complementary with both hands on hips and body slightly tilting left, while an empire-lined dress might suit a slightly arched back and hands at your side. Have a fl ick through the shots and see what flatters the dress and yourself more.

Never face front-on to the camera: It can make you look too broad and make you appear larger than you really are. Instead, slightly turn your body away from the camera so you are at an angle. Another variation is to stand side-on, turning your upper body towards the camera and placing your hand on your hip. This pose can emphasise your waist and make your legs and hips look long and lean.

Elongate your limbs: In order to avoid looking boxy, try to elongate your legs by gently bending one leg forward. Lengthening your legs can give you a long, lean appearance in an instant, so see which angle works best for you. In
particular, move your arms away from your body at high angles to stop them looking flabby.

Avoid the dreaded double-chin: Try tilting slightly upwards or push your head a little bit forward to give you a long graceful neck. Practise a few tilts and see what works best or you.

Show off your best features: Remember that whatever you move towards the camera will appear bigger. Moving your face in different positions can highlight your best features while hiding others. This means that if you have a large forehead, avoid tilting your head downwards. Instead, slightly tilt it up to draw attention to your best facial features. Likewise, decide which side of your face is best and tilt that side towards the camera. Try different angles with a camera at home to really get the hang of it.

Keep your knees close together: Keeping knees close or even touching cannot only make a world of difference to your posture, it can also give you a more elegant shape in photographs. This is particularly important if you have a fitted gown, as a wide stance can alter the shape of the dress and become very unflattering.

Place one foot forward: Putting one foot in front of the other, as though you have just taken a step, adds wonderful curves to your figure. Place your foot lightly in front and allow the hips to naturally fall into place. Tilting your bent knee inwards can create glorious curves, which is particularly fl attering in fi shtail gowns or those with a fitted train.

Emphasise your waist: this can be achieved by placing one or both hands on your waist. Be careful not to be too stiff in this pose, otherwise you may look too unnatural in the photos. Instead, rest your hand on your hip and keep your fi ngers close together. Make sure to keep your shoulders back or you may look a little hunched.

Pop your hip out to the side: Tilting your hip in a certain direction can help to define your waist and give you a sleek hourglass figure. Avoid standing with your hips front-on to the camera. Instead, try popping it backwards and standing at a slight angle. This may require some practice to avoid looking stiff and unnatural.

Smile and be relaxed: In order to get the best photos possible, enjoy your day and try not to focus too much on posing. The best shots are the most natural.


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