9 Ways To Include Something Blue

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Blue has been worn at weddings since biblical times and symbolises love, modesty, good fortune and fidelity. But while it comes in many elegant shades, wearing blue on your wedding day is often a challenge. Here, Complete Wedding Melbourne presents nine clever ways of keeping the longstanding tradition alive.

Blue garters
It is custom for the groom to remove the bride’s garter and throw it to all of the eligible bachelors. It is said the bachelor who catches the garter will be the next to marry. Combine the two traditions and incorporate a touch of blue on your garter.

Secret stitching
Duchess Kate Middleton had a blue ribbon sewn into the interior of her Grace Kelly-esque gown for her wedding to Prince William in 2011. Make like Kate and stitch delicate details, such as initials and the date of the wedding or a blue ribbon into the inside of your wedding dress for a subtle, yet personal effect.

Nail it
Let your fingers and toes do the talking with a fun and edgy shade of blue nail polish. Whether you opt for a brilliant sapphire, a bold navy or a beautiful baby blue, a dab of nail polish is a cost-efficient and clever way of wearing blue at your wedding.

Blue suede shoes
Bright blue shoes are a sassy and fun way of incorporating this lucky colour. If you’re wearing a long dress they will stay a secret during the ceremony, but once you’re dancing the night away, people will catch a glimpse of this touch of whimsy.

Special soles
If blue wedding shoes aren’t an option but you would still like to use your shoes for your something blue, don’t fret. Incorporate your something blue into your shoes using the soles in a less obvious way. Opt to have the soles painted blue or ask the most important people in your life to write a message in blue ink on the soles so that in a way, they are walking you down the aisle.

Hair accessories
When Carrie was going to marry Big in Sex and the City she adorned a rich blue and green peacock-feathered headpiece. Take a leaf out of her book and incorporate your something blue using headpieces and hair accessories. Feathers, flowers and gems present a world of possibility for brides and can be seen without overpowering your look.

There are so many blue gemstones out there that wearing your something blue in the form of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet is almost the obvious choice. Aquamarine, sapphire and topaz are all beautiful blue precious stones that will look striking against your wedding dress.

Flowers open up lots of opportunities for a  something blue on your wedding day. Choosefrom blue hydrangeas, cornflowers, forget-menots or the aptly-named bluebells. Alternatively, wrap your bouquet in blue satin ribbon for a more subtle effect.

Wedding lingerie
From the traditional white lace babydoll corsets with delicate blue stitching to the statement-making sapphire torsolettes, using your wedding lingerie as your something blue opens up lots of choice. Just ensure that your underwear isn’t visible through your dress. If your dress is sheer, you could try sourcing garments that include blue elements, such as bows or crystals. 

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