Wedding Location Ideas: Melbourne's Waterfront

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Collaborators Sandbar Beach Cafe Riva St Kilda

Couples can’t go wrong when choosing a waterfront location for their wedding. Imagine the light bouncing off the water and gleaming in the background as you say your vows, or watching the moon slowly rise up over the horizon as you dance the night away…

In Melbourne we are spoilt for choice when it comes to waterfront wedding locations and couples don’t need to limit themselves to just the sand and sea. Why not broaden your horizons, so to speak, and consider all the beautiful rivers, lakes, beaches and bayside locations scattered around Melbourne?

Your waterfront wedding need not be a casual seaside affair either; think about the elegance of an inner-city location combined with the backdrop of the water — your guests will be enraptured by both the stunning view and sophistication of your wedding.

Why not let water be the theme of your wedding? Your job will be made so much easier, as you fl oat along with the peace and tranquillity it promotes. Forget about elaborate decorations or trying to hunt for the perfect ceremony spot — it will almost be too easy with the perfect backdrop doing all the work.

A River Runs Through It
No Melbournian can ignore the vast Yarra River, which is the very heart of Melbourne, spreading and twisting its way from the Yarra Valley through the city and emptying into the sea. Couples can choose from the large array of venues overlooking the river, from Southbank to Yarra Bend Park. Alternatively, why not consider taking your guests for a cruise along the river itself and include all the amazing sights such as Docklands, the city skyline, Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens?

Lady of the Lake
Albert Park Lake sits within the enormous parklands on the very outskirts of Melbourne CBD and is a popular choice for many functions and events. From this waterfront location, your guests will not only be able to enjoy the view of the expansive lake, but will also be captivated by the backdrop of the city skyline.

A unique venue situated right on Albert Park Lake — and adjacent to the golf course — is Sorrento Catering’s latest Melbourne venture: Lago. Perfect for your celebration, it offers sensational views and striking photo opportunities within a retro space; your guests will never want to leave. Suited to any taste, Lago offers a modern fusion-style cuisine and caters for up to 200 people, whether a cocktail party, three- to five-course formal meal or creative buffet event.

A little further north, the Royal Botanic Gardens also boasts a large lake that is a perfect ceremony location, with many reception venue options on offer nearby. Here, the brilliance of the flora and fauna — together with the city views and lakeside location — will certainly add the wow factor to your day.

Ocean Breeze
Melbourne’s bay areas promise loads of scenic locations for weddings. Spreading from the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay is the Mornington Peninsula, while on the western side sits the Bellarine Peninsula. With this large expanse of coastline to explore, couples can easily find a location to suit their style, whether that is the trendy inner-city bayside location of St Kilda, the quiet coastal town of Queenscliff or the buzzing seaside suburb of Beaumaris.

As soon as you enter the latter suburb’s namesake — The Beaumaris — you will experience a welcoming and relaxed ambience, ideally suited to a wedding by the water. Rich in natural light and featuring modern, neutral tones, its Ocean Room boasts impressive views of the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto the expansive terrace, giving your guests the chance to catch the sea breeze. With a diverse range of packages available, this diverse space can seat up to 160 guests with a dance fl oor or, for smaller gatherings, can be adapted to create an intimate setting.

Moving up the coast towards the city, photography locations are endless; couples can utilise piers, jetties, beachfront walkways and more to set the scene for their special memories.

While the beach conjures images of warm weather, don’t be fooled into thinking that a waterfront location limits you to a summer wedding either; imagine being warmed by an open fire while watching the crashing of the waves and the deep colours of the ocean. In fact, in winter or summer, day or night, Riva St Kilda is a wonderful venue for
your special day as it boasts breathtaking views, sophisticated class and is just a step away from the water’s edge. Overlooking the St Kilda Marina, the Marina Room boasts natural light and sea breezes; absorb the serene moonlight on the bay’s rippling waters and the twilight of yachts and boats after dark. With an outdoor deck and courtyard, this enchanting and romantic setting caters for up to 150 seated or 400 for a cocktail event.

Nearby, in the picturesque suburb of Albert Park, newly renovated Sandbar Beach Cafe is set just metres from the water of Port Philip Bay. Standing outside on its sprawling deck, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, you can almost feel the sand between your toes. The venue’s fl oor-to-ceiling glass windows afford amazing views of the bay from sunrise to sunset, while the white-and-neutral décor provides a versatile backdrop for any colour scheme.

Whatever your preference — river, lake, beach or bay — the range of waterfront venues available for your wedding are generous and these venues tick all the boxes when it comes to style, location, culinary quality and stunning views. We are certainly lucky to be surrounded by such a vast assortment of waterfront venues in Melbourne; you may find it hard to decide on just one.

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