Having A Romantic Marquee Wedding

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The idea of having a marquee reception or ceremony is a dream for many people. We spoke to Sue Gorman of Ballarat Party Hire for some tips on a successful marquee wedding.

What makes a marquee wedding so special?

From talking to past brides and grooms and their families, and having attended marquee weddings myself, I have found that they offer a more relaxed atmosphere. People are able to mix more freely and tend be more calm and friendlier.

What are the benefits of having a wedding inside a marquee?

Marquees can be more fun for a number of reasons:
• You can choose your own caterer.
• You can provide your own alcohol at a lower cost.
• The marquee can be decorated to suit your taste and theme.
• You can have a sit-down or cocktail-style function.
• You can party till you drop as there are usually no restrictions on fi nishing time (depending on where your marquee is set up).
• The marquee can be used for the recovery day.
• A unique or beautiful setting can turn into a function room.



We love the look of a clear roof. Tell us how this can be done and what are your recommendations?

Clear roof sections are available for larger marquees; the white roof is simply replaced, either partially or fully. While it looks very interesting and gives the feel of a more open space, a clear roof is not an asset on a very hot day as the temperature is exaggerated inside the marquee. However, this can be avoided by selecting a clear roof over the area furthest from the setting sun.

Can a marquee be set up anywhere? What extra products may be required?

Marquees can be set up just about anywhere — if the site is grass, the marquee is usually pegged, if the site is a solid surface, concrete weights can be used to secure the marquee. Weighting works out to be more expensive for both delivery and bump-in time.



What are some good lighting options for marquees?

• Paper lanterns
• Chandeliers
• Uplighting
• Coloured lights under lining
• Fairy lights
• Festoon lights

How sturdy is a marquee in bad weather?

Structured marquees are engineered to withhold very high wind strengths. They are very sturdy compared to rope- and pole-style marquees.


Can a marquee be heated or cooled effectively?

Yes, they can be cooled or heated. Portable heating or air conditioners can be brought into the marquee. The sides can also be opened up to make use of airflow to cool down the interior.

Is a two-storey marquee possible?

We do have a transportable building that is two storeys. It is a fabulous new concept and is transported on a trailer and erected on your land. It is for more intimate functions and is great for both indoors and out. Staging is set up around the marquee to extend the usable area.

Images: Ballarat Party Hire


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