Expert Advice: Should You Video Your Wedding?

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So the big day is here and you’re not sure whether to opt for a videographer? We interview some of the best in the business to help you make that decision

There are many reasons to consider hiring a videographer on your big day. A photographer and a videographer do very different things and fulfil very different roles, so it’s important to get all the facts before deciding what works best for you. To help you get a feel for what a videographer can offer, we have spoken to three experts with different styles and skills to get the full low-down.

Capturing the natural

Nelson Luc, creative director at Paramount Images, talks us through all things videography from a Paramount Images perspective. 

What do you feel a videographer brings to a wedding that a photographer cannot? 

A photo captures a scene as a single moment in time. A video captures the same scene with the accompanying sounds so you get to hear and feel the emotions — from the vows and the groom’s speech to the father shedding tears as he congratulates his daughter. What was the groom’s speech like? Was he nervous? What was the family and friend’s reactions to the vows, dancing and speeches? These cannot be portrayed in photos but only reproduced vividly in video.

What tips do you have on selecting the right videographer?

Find out the name of the videographer who will be there on the day. Meet up with them to get to know them better. Remember that you will spend most of the wedding day with the photographer and videographer so it is important to choose a videographer that you are comfortable being around. Ask how experienced the videographer is and ask how many weddings they have shot. Shooting weddings requires a unique set of disciplines and training. You only get one chance at getting the shot. An experienced videographer knows where to position the camera to get the optimum shot and what is expected of different cultural weddings.

What’s the number-one important piece of advice you would offer couples?

Get a professional videographer to capture your wedding. Yes, a family member or friend may have offered to shoot your wedding but do you want to take the risk? Unless they have had years of experience and training in shooting weddings, the final product may be not what you are after and could look amateur. Besides, wouldn’t you want them to enjoy the day rather than focus on shooting? Don’t book the cheapest videographer that you can fi nd either. Check out their experience and credentials. Look at the professional wedding video as an investment for your memories rather than an expense. What price can you put on the reactions from your kids, family and even yourselves when you watch the wedding video in many years to come? We hear so many stories from couples about how their friends regret not having a professional videographer capture their wedding day. They either did not have any videos of their wedding or had a very poor video that they are ashamed to show anyone.


Simply splendid

For Michael Zhao, video team leader at Splendid Photos & Video, videography is about telling a couple’s story and capturing every emotion and detail throughout the day. Michael gives CWS some advice on why he thinks videography is an important element to include on your big day.

Why should couples use a videography service?

We are not only recording your whole wedding event, but also creating an amazing movie all about this one unforgettable day in your lifetime. We concentrate on each individual detail, capture every emotion on your face during the entire event, offer multiple artistic directions for creative actions, and help everyone get into the mood; all with a view to creating a unique wedding movie clip. 

With your industry expertise, what tips do you have for our readers on selecting the right videographer?

Make sure you watch examples of real weddings to find out your favourite styles. Ensure you discuss what is possible with the videography team and make sure you share as much information about your relationship and wedding day plans with that team. Find out as much information about your wedding venue and procedures. For more information, visit

Relive the joy

Alice Miller, production coordinator for Untitled Film Works, shares her top tips on things to consider before choosing your videographer.
• Make sure you pick someone that you trust! Every videographer out there has a slightly different style, and you want to be confi dent with your chosen supplier. Pick someone who has experience and can show you a wide range of films that you fall in love with.
• Reconsider if you have already decided against getting a videographer. We’ve heard couples say that hiring us was the best investment of their whole wedding. The reason for this is because we give them something incredibly special that will last forever.
• Above all, couples should be picking the supplier who they feel most comfortable with. We love to get to know our couples from the first moment they get in contact with us. We want them to feel like part of the Untitled family. It ensures the best possible experience for them and allows us to perform at our best too. For more information, visit

“There is something incredibly special about watching a wedding film. No words can describe how amazing it is
to sit with your now husband or wife and relive all the joys and emotions of your wedding day. We have had couples tell us they watch their films during hard times, and it so easily reminds them how much they love each other and how important their relationship is to them. A video will be able to capture things photographs cannot, such as the quiver in your husband’s voice as he reads you his wedding vows or the moment your Dad says how proud he is of you in his speech. It captures memories on a whole other level.”
— Alice Miller, Untitled Films 

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