Remember: Your Wedding Is All About You

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There's no formula for a successful wedding, but working out what's important to you and your hubby-to-be is a good place to start.

I believe that love can be expressed in so many different ways. Think of all the romantic ballads we’ve heard over the years, or notes penned lovingly through the centuries. A wedding is a beautiful extension of this expression of love, but all too often the focus tends to be on the whirlwind of theming packages, costs and schedules that ensue.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to remember to stay true to who you are when planning your special day; your wedding is such a beautiful opportunity to express your love for one another in a way that is representative of you as a pair. There are many elements that set the stage for you to build on with expressions of yourselves. Think music, colour, theming or communication with your guests.

Thinking outside the box with ways to intimately share your feelings is a great place to start, seeing elements of your day perhaps as a gift from your heart. When my big day came, I chose to express my love to my soon-to- be husband in a way that was meaningful to us: specifically us, and we shared this with our families and friends. Music is a part of my soul and one of my hubby’s passions, and we wanted to share this with our guests. At the reception I sang La Vie En Rose (meaning ‘life in shades of pink’ or ‘I see life through rose coloured glasses’) by Édith Piaf.

For those that don’t know the song it is about being vulnerable; giving yourself to another person and being blinded by the feeling of love. When you love someone you love them unconditionally for all their strengths and their faults. You want your partner by your side through the journey that is life. It was important to me that the guests were physically surrounded by our love. The lyrics within the song were reflected through the themeing and other various elements, such as pink, white and red roses.

To this day, the guests still talk about how emotional they felt not only hearing the song, but feeling like love was surrounding them. On our first anniversary a lovely friend even gave us an old music box that played the song. The song is now a part of both of us and we are reminded of our special day when we hear it. Every single item, colour and setting at the wedding had a purpose, and not one thing was laid out just for the sake of it.

So, how do you make your special day meaningful to you, your husband and your guests? First and foremost, think about how you both want to express your love. Is your wedding experience — the planning, the day and the memories — going to be in shades of pink or shades of grey? By this I’m not suggesting you base your wedding on a colour, rather think deeper about what feelings you’d like to portray and how you want to feel on the day.

What will your wedding atmosphere be like? How will it feel to be a part of the experience for your guests? What can you do to bring your own personality, beliefs or customs into the day? How will this translate to physical elements? It’s important to sit down as a couple before you start planning to map out what you would like the day to look and feel like. Bring your love for one another to the table and explore ideas that represent you both.

It may be that you draw inspiration from food and wine you both love, a special travel experience, a film, or a song that describes how you feel. There are no right or wrong ways to express your love for one another. Whether the day is a simple affair, an intimate party, or an elaborate occasion, it just needs to come from the heart. Take the experts’ advice when planning your wedding, but never feel you can’t put your own stamp on it. 

It’s the little things that people remember and that make up the whole package: the colours, the music, the gifts, the scents, the textures, the lighting and the finer touches. It’s also about the mood you create: an organised, chilled-out bride and groom, a happy bridal party and relaxed guests will make for an inviting and fun setting. Create a romantic atmosphere that everyone will look back on with love and warm memories. 

Your wedding should be about your past, your present and your future. Look ahead to where you both want to be as a couple and find ways to incorporate this into your day. A talented friend said some wise words at our wedding and what we learnt from these words and our own experience is that a wedding is a celebration of two individuals who have grown and changed together.

They have become stronger because of one another. It’s important for you to remember when planning your day that you incorporate elements of what makes you both individual and your relationship unique. And most importantly, celebrate embarking on a journey with someone who brings out the best version of yourself.

Words: Alex Gilles

Photography: Popcorn Photography


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