Wedding Advice: Real Brides Tell All

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We’ve put together the best advice from our past brides, so you can learn from their experiences.

Take some time to take it all in. This is said by many brides but, as a couple, you really need to sit back and take it all in. Your wedding day is probably one of the quickest days of your life and you don’t tend to realise it until you wake up the next day. So, although people will want to congratulate and spend time with you, try to get 10 minutes to yourself to really take it all in and watch your guests enjoy the party. After all, it took many months and hard work to plan it! — Kylie

Try on your dress in natural light! I never stepped foot into daylight until the walk down the aisle, only then to discover my dress was see-through! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, definitely go outside to see what your dress looks like in natural light. — Pippa

Practise moving in your dress as you normally would. Walk around, hug people, sit down and bend over to pick something up, to ensure it’s not too small anywhere and you can actually move! — Jackie

It was a perfect day, but one thing I look back on and wonder if I could have changed was the cost. I may have opted for a different venue or caterer if I had done more research because this was the biggest blow to the budget! — Meg

Limit who you involve in each decision-making process. Too many differing opinions will just confuse and frustrate you. Pick one or two people whose opinions you value for each aspect of the wedding planning and don’t involve everybody else. If you hate your best friend’s dress sense, why would you involve her in the dress and accessorising process? Utilise your network for their best skills only. — Leanne

Ensure you have the mobile phone numbers of all suppliers. My flowers got delivered to the wrong venue and, being a Saturday, their shop wasn’t open to call them. We had to run around last minute and buy flowers from supermarkets! — Penny

Make a list of all of the photos you would like and who you would like in them. I forgot to get a photo with my sisters. — Jess

Before you plan the wedding, decide on what’s important to you — what aspects to splash out on and where to save. My partner and I each picked three things that were important. For me, it was a great band, a couture dress by a designer I love and an overseas honeymoon. For my husband, it was chocolate cake, a quick ceremony with a celebrant and a great party atmosphere afterwards. Having discussed these priorities together, it made it easier to plan the rest of the wedding. — Jordan

Get a videographer. I had the perfect wedding, but I didn’t include a video in the budget. We thought photos would be enough and now that the day is long gone, I wish I had a video to watch and remember it again — Sarah

Do not take your dress out of the shop before trying it on one last time. I put my dress on the morning of the wedding and it was much smaller than I remember it being. Ensure everything fits fine before you take it home. — Maryly

Check your groom is down the aisle! No joke. I got married on a really hot day so my wedding coordinator sent my husband to a nearby air-conditioned room to wait, so he and the groomsmen didn’t get too hot in their suits. I was told to walk down the aisle and when I got there, she realised that she had forgotten to tell him to come back! I had to walk back up and do it all over again... — Emma

Be clear about your wedding colour scheme to all of your suppliers. I have a friend who asked for yellow flowers. She ended up with a dark mustardy-yellow. So I created a mood board for my wedding with a colour scheme at the bottom and images of pictures I liked at the top. This helped all of the suppliers get a feel for the wedding, so everyone was on the same page. — Lisa


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