Pros And Cons Of Having A Small And Casual Wedding

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What are the advantages of having a small, casual wedding, and what are the disadvantages?

Each bride has her own vision for her wedding day. Some want the most extravagant party they can think of, and others chose to have smaller, casual days with close family and friends. No matter what you choose it will be a great day, but if you are unsure if you want a smaller wedding, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pro: Intimacy

Having fewer guests at your wedding will mean the event becomes more intimate and personal. Knowing everyone’s names and having a real personal connection to them as a couple means looking back every single wedding photo and moment will be important to you.

Less people will also mean a smaller space for both the ceremony and the reception. Each guest will be able to see and hear every moment, and it will be easy to circulate the room and talk to everybody.

Con: Guest List Struggles

Smaller weddings mean smaller guest lists, and this can be a real struggle. Choosing who to invite and who not to invite can cause arguments and tension within friendship groups and even families.

Obligatory invites have to be considered; if they invited you to their wedding do you have to invite them to yours?

Pro: Cost

With less mouth to feed and less space needed you are bound to save money. A smaller venue will allow you to save by reducing the cost of decorations and flowers, needing less staff members present and serving less food and drink.

Con: Quiet Atmosphere

If you are looking for a real party vibe at your wedding, a smaller occasion might not be for you. With less people present it can be hard to create a fund and rowdy atmosphere.

If you have friends that can party in any situation though, you might not have to worry about this problem.

Pro: Relaxed Day

With less people to organise you will find you might be more relaxed on the day of the wedding. Things like transport and table charts become a non-issue with smaller groups.

Sometimes with big weddings you can find yourself trying to pull off the most impressive day so all of your guests talk about it in the months to come, but when surrounded by just close friends and family you may not feel the need to be impressive or have the best wedding.  

Con: More to Do

Although the day might feel more relaxed, there will most likely be more for you to do on the day of the wedding if you keep it small. Most brides won’t get a wedding planner for casual or small weddings, meaning the coordination of all the vendors, the decoration of the ceremony and reception venues and the timing of the day will all come down to you.

Whatever you choose, big or small, formal or casual, there are pros and cons for both. It is important to find the right style for you as a couple, so try not to worry too much about other peoples’ opinions or the nitty gritty details.


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