Pros And Cons Of A Weekday Wedding

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Indecisive about a weekday wedding? Well, We've devised a list of the potential pros and cons of a weekday wedding.

Are you considering a weekday wedding? Tying the knot on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday? We have devised a couple of pointers for you to read over about the pros and cons of having a weekday wedding.



To have your wedding on a weekday is a blessing in disguise for those who are budget conscious. The cost to hire out venues, cars, celebrants and photographers reduces down to almost fifty percent.


Dreaming about having your wedding in Sydney Harbour or at an exclusive seafood restaurant? Well in fact, these types of prestige wedding venue locations could be booked out for a while, let’s say maybe a few months or even a year. By having your wedding day on a week day, you have more chance of getting into the venue that you want, as most couples as these types of venues don’t get fully booked out on weekdays.  

Choice of day:

By having your wedding on a weekday, you have the option of selecting five days from the week as opposed to a weekend wedding, in which you can only select from two days.

Bridal Services:

Weekends are prime time for hairdressers, makeup artists, nail technicians and spray tanners. A weekday wedding means that you will have access to all of these services with little wait time. This means that you won’t need to book all of you hair and beauty appointments months in advance, as therapists and hairdressers are quite free during the week.


Travelling is often quite cheaper and hotel rooms are more readily available on weekdays. If you plan to jet off to your honeymoon straight after your wedding, a weekday wedding might be a great option for you.

Sentimental Value:

Your anniversary with your partner may fall on a weekday. This means that your wedding day would be extra special if you decide to have it on a weekday as it would possess sentimental value for your commitment to one another.

More Partying:

If you choose to have your wedding on a Friday, you still have Saturday and Sunday to party and enjoy yourself. This is currently a popular trend amongst couples, as it gives more opportunity for guests to enjoy themselves, let loose and stay late at your wedding as they still have the entire weekend to recover.



Work Commitments:

This may be one of the biggest dilemma’s you will face. Don’t be disheartened, some guests may not be able to take leave for your wedding if you decide to have it on a weekday. Some guests may also do shift work and work in the afternoons or evenings, making it extremely difficult to take off time from work.  To minimize this dilemma as much as possible, it is best to give guests at least six to seven months notice so that they can pre-warn their employers.


Students that are invited to your weekday wedding might also find it very difficult to take time off school or class. They may also have an exam or assignment due on the day of your wedding and cannot take any time off.  Students may also find it difficult to come to your weekday wedding as they have study commitments which they often do in the afternoons or evenings.

City Traffic:

On weekdays, traffic is quite horrendous in the city streets. It may take hours for you to get from one venue to the next. Guests may also be running late due to traffic congestion. Other people you have booked such as photographers, stand-by make-up artists and entertainment providers may also be delayed and not on schedule.

Early Wedding Leavers:

Guests who have work the next day will most likely leave early and not stay until midnight. This may be a problem, as by twelve o’clock, you may only have close family there and all your guests have gone home.


So, after you’ve read and considered all of these points, do you still want a weekday wedding? Well, we will leave it that for you to decide…




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