Photography Vs Videography

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Which is more important to have at your wedding?

It’s the age old wedding battle: photography vs. videography.

Photography used to dominate the wedding scene because of the technical limitations of film. One bug camera on a clunky tripod did not produce good videos. However times have changed and now wedding videos resemble cinematic productions that give photographers a challenge.

While having both a videographer and photographer at your wedding is definitely a worthwhile option, it is understandable that not all couples can afford to spend the money on both.

So which should you chose?


Photographers have a knack for capturing the perfect moments through your day. It might be the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride, or the moment the couple embrace in their first dance. The aim of the photographer is to provide a snapshot of the best bits of the day, when emotions are at their peak.

Videographers have the unique ability to capture the emotion of the whole day, throughout the high points and the calm points. Film gives a well-rounded experience of the emotion felt by everyone during the whole day. One 30 second scene of the vows can show the bride’s emotions, the groom’s emotions, the feelings of the audience and the calm nature of the celebrant.  

Emotions are also given context in videos. While a photographer might capture a beautiful moment of the bride laughing with her maid of honour, a videographer will be able to show what joke was made as to bring on the laughter.


The photographer or videographer plays a very important role on the day of the wedding. It is up to them to capture all the best bits, and so they are often assertive and communicate exactly what they need.

If you would prefer to have a more intimate occasion with your family and friends, than a photographer is ideal. They can take photographs of the event while taking a backseat and or without disrupting anyone.

Videographers need to be a bit more intrusive. They need to make sure they are getting good audio and that the camera shot is not being obstructed by anything. They may also need to set up shots for the video, like an aisle shot of the bride walking to her groom or an overhead shot of the ceremony.

This means more interruptions on the day, but it can be worth it for the unique and intimate shots they produce.

Receiving time

Photographers will usually have the photos edited and printed within a couple of weeks of the wedding (depending on the order). Within a month or two you will have your photo album ready to show friends and family.

Videographers take a lot more time to edit prepare their product. Depending on the length of the film you have ordered, it can take only 8 weeks or as long as a year to complete their edits.

If patience is not your forte, photography might be the better option for you.


The average cost of a photographer is $2,500-$4,000, however depending on what packages and prints you choose, you could end up spending up to $10,000.

Videographer prices range about the same as photographer prices. The average is around $4000 and you could end up paying anywhere up to $10,000-$12,000 depending on what you add to the packages.


Photos can be displayed 24/7 in your home. Framed pictures around the house serve as a constant reminder of your special day. Friends and family can also order copies of their favourite photos. While people can view photos from the day though, they might miss the feeling or emotion that is being portrayed.

Videos are more engaging and beneficial for people who weren’t present at the wedding, as they can watch the speeches or the vows and experience the wedding after the fact.

The only down side with video is that it can’t be put on permanent display. Couples question how likely they are to watch the video more than once, but it can also provide the opportunity for cute traditions where couples watch their wedding video every year on their anniversary.


At the end of the day what is most important is that you have some physical memories of the day. Whether it be photographs or video, each visual will bring back memories and feelings that you experienced at your wedding, so you can’t really go wrong either way.


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