Diy Vs Professional Photo Booths

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Incorporating a photo booth into your wedding can make for a fun-filled event, for yourself, your bridal party and your guests.

There are many ways in which to include a photo booth at your wedding reception, whether you want it done professionally or DIY. A photo booth can be useful not just for preserving memories, but also as charming keepsakes for your guests that can double as favours — not to mention the hilarious antics that can come of it.


If you wish to hire a professional photo booth, everything will be catered for. You not only get the booth itself but generally an attendant who will enthusiastically assist in producing lasting memories of your big day. Hire booths also come with a box of props and usually with the options of colour photos or black and white. Different booths print a different number of photos. Some print two copies per photo strip and some print one copy per person. Either way, it is possible to put aside a copy of each photo strip for the bride and groom’s own wedding album. A great way for you to keep all your guests’ photos together is to provide a scrapbook, some glue and pens just next to the photo booth so that guests can stick their own photo strips in and write personal messages next to them.





If you like the idea of a photo booth but are concerned about the cost, or even if you just like to do things yourself, making your own photo area is a fun option that gives a personal touch to the pictures. Designing your own backdrop is easy — all you need is some material, paint and any decorations you want to attach to it such as sequins or ribbons. For your photo booth, make sure you choose an easily accessible location, but one that will not get overcrowded or interrupt the flow of the party. A wide hallway is often a good place to set up a photo booth. Make sure that when you set up your photo area, you include some props to make your guests’ pictures even more entertaining. These can be anything from feather boas to teacups, musical instruments and fascinators. An easy way to choose props is to pick a theme, probably one that matches with your backdrop and most likely with your wedding as a whole. Once you have a theme, finding the props is a breeze. The best places to look are $2 shops and vintage stores, depending on what sort of theme you’ve decided on. Having a chalkboard can also add some extra fun to the pictures as it allows people to write personal messages and display them in the photos. Definitely one of the most important aspects of the photo booth is the camera. You can employ a photographer to do it for you but if you are trying to keep the cost to a minimum, purchase your own tripod and set up a digital camera, a smart phone or an iPad. While a camera usually takes better pictures, there are apps on smartphones or tablets that will allow you to share the photos easily with your guests. Ensure the battery is full and the SD card is empty on the camera that you choose in order to maximise photo opportunities on the day. If your set up might be slightly fiddly, you can take your guests over yourself and show them how it works by taking photos with them. This is a great way to make sure you get a picture with all of your guests.

Words: Maia Coghlan

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