Honeymoon How To: Packing Tips

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When it comes time to jump on the plane for your honeymoon, the last thing you want is to stress about what to pack. Thankfully, we’ve done it for you




Essentials: Passport, hotel booking details, camera, credit card and bank details in case of emergency.

Basic clothes: This will depend on your destination’s climate, but the general rule is to pack items — tops, shorts, skirts, jeans — that go with several others in your suitcase. Block colours are great — stylish and minimal fuss. And unless you want to spend your honeymoon ironing, pack clothes made out of wrinkle-resistant fabrics.


Active clothes: There will inevitably be walking and other activities involved in any honeymoon, so pack some comfortable shoes and clothes, but we suggest taking your runners, too. There could be a mountain to climb or a beach to jog along to work off the honeymoon indulgences!

Pretty clothes: It’s your honeymoon; what better excuse to dress up? Keep it comfortable with a pretty frock or two and dressy flats. If you think there’ll be an occasion for glamour, pack an evening dress and heels, but keep in mind the dress code even at the most premium resorts and hotels is usually relaxed.

Sun-safe gear: Don’t forget the sunscreen, hat, and cotton shirt. While there’ll probably be plenty of heat on your honeymoon, sunburnt skin is not the kind you hope for. We’re all for fake tan, even on beach honeymoons.

R&R: Don’t underestimate how tired you’ll be once the wedding is over. Pack plenty of stuff to help you chill out, including books, magazines, and your favourite music. 

Toiletries: Apart from the basics, make sure you pack medications, birth control and tampons (these can be hard to find in some foreign countries). And mosquito repellent if you’re going to a tropical location. 

Romantic things: This is your honeymoon after all. Buy yourself some new lingerie and pack some of the cheeky things you were given at your hen’s party.



Pack in advance: Baggage will be the last thing on your mind the morning of your wedding (we hope!). Avoid packing stress and do it well beforehand. 

Check the forecast: One week before your honeymoon, check if you need to make any weather-appropriate luggage alterations. Treat yourself: Pack something nice for you — a chocolate treat or a new piece of clothing, and something for your new husband, too — a new cologne or pre-book a massage to have at your hotel when you arrive. 

Pack food: You may not eat much at your wedding and arrive at your hotel only to find yourself starving and staring at a room-service menu that’ll charge you $30 for a sandwich. Get someone to pack you a lunchbox of food from the reception — there are always leftovers and you can have a relaxed, late-night snack of wedding food and cake.

Some things to leave behind: Make sure you leave contact details, your itinerary, and other safety-related information with a trusted friend. Also try to leave behind the perfectionism you might have had during your wedding preparation. The honeymoon is about relaxing and being together with your new husband, so try not to stress too much if you’ve forgotten something.

1. Hot bikini
2. Oil-free sunscreen
3. Honeymoon fragrance
4. New shades
5. Glamour suitcase

 Words: Kate Wilcox

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