Non Flower Bouquet Ideas

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When you don't want to see a peony or rose bush in sight, maybe it's time to try a more nontraditional approach.

The common bridal bouquet is a staple must-have at any modern wedding. But it doesn't have to look like the traditional assortment of wild and beautiful flowers. Some brides are choosing a much more extravagant approach that will last and last.

If you're holding a beach wedding it might be worth thinking about having a few ornate shells and sea creatures (not live ones obviously) teaming about in between your palms. Not only are shells decadent and colourful all by themselves, they can also be very understated if you're looking for all the attention to be on your dress.

If you're a nature lover, this impressionable butterfly bouquet is just perfect to add colour to a very white affair. The butterflys are suspended on strings so that as you walk, they flutter and bob up and down. It's an artwork, and the perfect way to accentuate your magic moment.

There is nothing like fabulous jewels to signal your entrance into the wedding reception. You can use vintage gold or incorporate family heirlooms in a special way without offsetting the modern look of your dress. Ribbons and feathers are the perfect addition to fill in any of the gaps between jewels.

So you may not want flowers, but what about plants? The greenery would act as an excellent match made in heaven for a garden wedding. The colours are as vivid and bright as they are bold. If you've got a vivacious personality this might suit you more than the classic blush tones.

If you and your partner are more of the eclectic kind, than why not choose a windmill? These playthings aren't just for toddlers, but make a trend-setting entrance to any party. Your wedding should be as unique as you are, so if you've decided on a carnical theme or just want to add a little bit of your cheeky personality to the day, this might be the perfect choice.


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