Expert Tips: Managing Pre Wedding Stress

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Stress and anxiety go hand in hand with any momentous occasion. Here are some tips to help deal with any worries that might arise during this exciting time of your life

Understand that everyone gets stressed and nervous. It’s important to accept that it is okay to feel this way, while at the same time not putting too much emphasis and worry on the thoughts that are troubling you.

Exercise releases endorphins, which are scientifi cally proven to relieve forms of stress and depression. Talk to your partner and friends It’s important to express any concerns, frustrations or worries to someone you can trust.

Treat yourself
Most of the worry around planning your wedding is making sure everyone will have a good time, leaving you ignoring your own happiness. Go to a day spa, have a super lazy day at home or a fun night out with friends.

All forms of meditation revolve around relaxing the body and being able to let thoughts and feelings pass through you naturally. Try various techniques to find the one that is most suitable for you.

Kinesiology focusses on promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and refl exology and involves noninvasive therapies to help reduce stress. Dana Buczek, from Waverly Kinesiology and Reflexology, recommends an “emotional stress release session”, during which clients’ issues are openly discussed in a safe and private environment. “Often, we delve into people fears, habits and beliefs, as there are always underlying emotions and feelings that lead to the build-up of stress,” explains Dana.

Top tips for reducing pre-wedding stress

  • Practice calming breathing techniques
  • Maintain a healthy diet, full of vegetables and fruit
  • Keep well- hydrated
  • Have a healthy sleep cycle
  • Stay physically fit and active


Words: Alex Robinson

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