Wedding Dress Advice: It's In The Details

Article Collaborators : Angela Marcuccio Bridal Couture

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Collaborators Angela Marcuccio Bridal Couture

What are the benefits of choosing authentic fabrics over inexpensive alternatives? We spoke to our industry experts about exquisite fabrics and how they can make a huge difference to your once-in-a-lifetime gown

For thousands of years, the French and Italians have been refining the art of textile manufacturing, striving for the highest quality possible. From delicate lace to intricate beading, European fabrics are recognised for their natural beauty as well as their high cotton and silk contents. Unfortunately, due to price, the market is being inundated by imitation fabrics. That being said, it is important to remember that you always get what you pay for.

Peter De Petra believes that exquisite fabrics give your gown the “’wow’ factor, a luxurious feel that makes it stand out from the rest”. But according to Catherine Shepard, from Catherine R Couture, the feel of the dress is just as important as how it looks. “The fabric is an important factor here, with silk or pure natural fi bres having a sense of luxury you cannot find with man-made fabrics such as polyesters and nylons. Natural fibres are beautiful to touch and feel and are a pleasure to work with.”

Using an exquisite silk lining will ensure the fabric drapes perfectly over your body and allow your skin to breathe. Melissa, from d’italia, says that a quality fabric is also necessary to avoid static. “It’s important to use a quality silk lining for your gown instead of a cheaper alternative. A good-quality silk is perfect for lining, as it will not cling like a cheaper option will.”

Angela Marcuccio says that quality European fabrics, such as genuine lace “exude luxury, quality and romance”, while imitation fabrics usually appear cheap and are stiff to touch.

These inexpensive versions are mass produced with poor quality. They have a shiny appearance, which is evident in photographs. By opting for an authentic European quality, you may spend a bit more, but it will show in the stunning finish of your dream gown.

Angela adds, “Traditional French and Italian laces have been produced for hundreds of years; there is a history and craftsmanship which has been carried down through time. These fabrics are works of art”.

“One of the most exquisite fabrics used in my new collection is a hand-beaded antique platinum-coloured lace appliqué. It has Swarovski crystal beading and the lace has a 3D effect that really makes it stand out. It gives the gown that 1950s old world glamour look that I was aiming for.” — Peter De Petra


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