How To Plan A Destination Wedding

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Collaborators AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

Our top tips to help you plan the perfect destination wedding

Your guests will need time to factor the trip into their budgets and annual leave plans. Send them a “Save The Date” card with a minimum of nine months’ notice. Any later than this and your guests could feel intentionally left out. Ensure you book your accommodation and venue as far ahead as possible, as it’s true what they say; the early bird gets the rooms with the best ocean views!

Whether you plan on having a tropical beach wedding or embracing winter on the ski slopes, check the annual weather patterns before booking anything. Tropical destinations have lengthy monsoon seasons, so factor this in when choosing the time of year.

Your guests are likely to fork out an average of $2000 per person to attend an overseas wedding. It’s polite to forego creating gift registries to show guests that their presence is a gift in itself. While it’s customary for guests to choose and pay for their own accommodation, take out the hard work for them by providing a list of suitable, nearby accommodation options with varying costs. Arranging airport transfers from the airport to your guests’ hotels is a polite way to welcome them, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable upon arrival in a foreign country.

Consider hosting a greeting event for guests the night before the wedding to welcome guests and start the wedding excitement. Including guests in other activities is a great way to make them feel part of the festivities and ensure they feel comfortable (some might not be experienced travellers and will appreciate these extra activities). A post-wedding breakfast or goodbye lunch is another nice touch. However, don’t go overboard and schedule a full week’s itinerary for your guests. Allow them to enjoy their time and do their own thing — after all, it’s their holiday too!

While it might sound easy to get off the plane, get married and have an amazing time, it’s a good idea to arrive a few days earlier to answer last-minute questions the venue may have and do an inspection of all the areas you will be using. Allow yourself a few days to unpack, unwind, check everything is in order and fix up any last-minute arrangements. Your guests will also appreciate it if you have arrived before them.

Cost-effective With our strong Aussie dollar, many overseas destinations (especially in Asia) offer cheaper weddings than on our shores. 

Limits size Debatably, hosting an overseas wedding is an inoffensive way of keeping the guest list small (however, we’ve found brides who have had 95 per cent of the invitees make the trip). Exotic locale What better excuse for you and your fiance to explore a unique place?

Stress-free Many couples like the idea of jumping on a plane and not stressing over the planning details Combines honeymoon Having the honeymoon after the wedding in or close to the location saves time and money.

While you may think you are capable of organising the fi ner details from the other side of the world, you are likely to find it harder than you think. A local wedding planner speaks the local language and has the resources and experience. They know how to source quality products; they understand the market and can usually arrange much cheaper prices than you would be able to yourself. Most hotels and popular destination wedding venues have a wedding planner within their team of staff to correspond with you and ensure your wishes are met.

Check reviews online and do your research to ensure other couples enjoyed the experience from your selected venue and any other suppliers or services you have sourced. If you are arranging services separately to the venue, such as entertainment, photographers and flowers, make sure you do your research and ask them to provide a list of past customers to ensure you will not be scammed.

The legal requirements for marriage differ greatly in each country. Ensure you ask your wedding planner or venue what is required for your marriage to be legally binding (some countries require marriage license applications, witnesses, birth certificates and other documentation).

Micromanagers be warned: Having a destination wedding involves giving up a lot of control. Things won’t always look as nice or run as smoothly as you had imagined. Relax, don’t sweat the small stuff and embrace the fact that someone else has done the hard work for you. Grab a margarita and enjoy!


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