How To Personalise Your Wedding Venue

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It’s every bride’s fear that the big day she has spent months organising will be lost among a wash of similar events. Ensure your wedding venue reflects your personality by adding some effortless touches

Wedding venues, though they may be stunning, can lack character. Personalising your venue with touches of you and your partner will ensure your wedding will be unforgettable. After all, your special day is not just a delicious feast and exquisitely designed party; it is a commemoration of you as individuals and a celebration of the wonderful future that will accompany your union. 

There are endless ways to add character to your venue — from the broader elements such as your theme and colour scheme to the smaller details such as the bomboniere and place settings. However you choose to style your venue, it always pays to stay true to ourselves. Interjecting your own individuality is the key to creating a standout wedding day and you may find it’s what your guests will appreciate the most.

Choosing the theme
Styling your venue is often much simpler when you have an underlying theme or concept to adhere to. Themes are a fantastic way of tying your wedding day together, as they have the ability to link the ceremony to the reception and provide guidelines in what to look for when choosing your decorations, invitations and bomboniere. Whether you have a certain look you are going for, such as romantic, or a certain ambiance, the key to avoiding a cookie-cutter wedding is to interweave your personality into the theme. Remember, any bride can have an old-world-themed wedding, but by utilising the old-world theme to celebrate you and your groom’s loves, experiences and histories, you will touch your guests and ensure yours will be the wedding to remember.

Creative colouring
A great colour scheme can work to include your theme and provide for an easy way to personalise your wedding. Colours are the best way to make a statement at your venue. It is often the fi rst things your guests will notice and will set the tone for the evening. Reception venues will usually boast a neutral-base colour palette, which allows you to personalise the area as you wish, setting the tone with maybe a stark black and white colour combination, or in contrast, perhaps a room fi lled with several hues of soft rose and cream.

Each colour possesses an individual
meaning and can be a way for you to express elements of your personality. This could mean combining both your and your groom’s favourite colours, choosing colours that have meanings that represent you, or it could even mean incorporating the favourite colour of someone else who means a lot to you both. Incorporate these colours into your venue by draping materials from the ceilings, hanging lanternsor other adornments, using them throughout your centrepieces, laying runners across plain tablecloths and accenting place cards. By adding new colours to your venue you can completely change its appearance, allowing for a personal reception unlike any other.

Personal petals
All flowers carry with them a specific meaning, so why not use them to speak at your wedding. Flowers make beautiful centrepieces and can work as a form of personalised decoration throughout your venue. You could have a different flower for each table and theme that table around the flower’s meaning through the style of the
place cards and bomboniere.



Pictures worth a thousand words 
Photographs are one of the best ways to personalise your wedding venue. Guests love to look at images so integrate them throughout your venue in creative ways. You could try using small photographs of yourself and the groom as centrepieces. Images can range from the two of you as children (which family members adore seeing), the start of your relationship or even of your engagement. A timeline of your lives will bring a great sense of sentimentality to the venue and guests will enjoy the gesture.

Other ways to incorporate images include photo walls or photo boards. You could include  images of you and your partner, images of your families and even some cheeky shots from the bucks or hens night. If your venue has access to electronic equipment or a projector, a slideshow of images can make a unique accomplice to speeches. This kind of added extra brings life to the reception and has the ability to bring an audience to laughter and tears.

A toast to the happy couple
Traditional bubbly is never a bad thing, but as a way of further personalising your big night, do some research into cocktail ingredients and create your own signature drink. This drink can act as the standout beverage for your reception and even be utilised as a decoration for the venue in a way. Whether you would prefer a general beverage or separate drinks, say a girly cocktail for the bride and masculine mead for the groom, creating your own signature drink is a fantastic way to add some personality to your venue and excite your guests.

Creating your space
You have found the perfect venue, but your groom’s sister hired it for her reception several years ago. Do not let the ideal location slip through your fi ngers simply because it has been used before. Instead, change the space entirely so guests won’t even recognise it. Decorations can alter the appearance and feel of your venue but, with several small tricks of the eye, you can also personalise your venue’s apparent dimensions. By dangling ornaments from the ceiling, such as lanterns or birdcages, you can lower the focus of your room, causing it to feel more intimate.

Conversely, by placing very tall centrepieces throughout a room you can actually expand the space, as it will draw the eyes upward. Mirrors can work to elongate rooms, as will open doors if you have an outdoor extension of your venue. Different forms of lighting can also alter the feeling of space in your venue, with soft candles, coloured table lamps and dimly-lit fairy lights, giving an impression of comfort and closeness.

Connect with the guests
There are millions of options when personalising the small details of your venue, such as the place cards and bomboniere. One way to reach out to guests, and truly acknowledge them for coming, is to personalise these details. Small things like  writing an anecdote or joke on a guest’s placecard will not only help to personalise the venue, but is a wonderful gesture to acknowledge guests independently and will not go unnoticed. It may take some extra work, but personalising the bomboniere to the individual or even just to the table is bound to be a hit, whether you do so with a note, or something similar like incorporatingthe first letter of the guest’s name.

Whether your wedding is a grand affair or an intimate gathering, the elements that make the day truly special are those that incorporate a part of yourself. By personalising your venue, you not only claim the space, but also ensure your wedding will stick out in the minds of guests in years to come. Remember, your venue is more than a grand party; it is a celebration of you and your partner’s future together.

Words: Jessica Griffin

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