How To Achieve The Bridal Look

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Look and feel like you just stepped out of a magazine with beauty secrets from expert hair and makeup artists

Modern Audrey Hepburn

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive all your pre-wedding and wedding-day beauty treatments and services from the one beautician? Beautician of 14 years Alicia O’Brien supplies top-to-toe beauty services for brides both in the lead up to their wedding and on the big day — from pamper packages to acrylics and bridal makeup. Hair styling can also be part of the package, provided by hair guru Brenda Chevalier. 

The look: It’s the modern Audrey Hepburn. I’ve used Napoleon Perdis makeup with gel eyeliner and individual lashes to give it that sultry look. The lipstick is DeVine Goddess in Hara. 

What do you love about it?
I love the bold lips — it says “I’m a confident, modern, gorgeous bride.”

What are your strengths as a beautician?
I can provide the whole package for brides and bridal parties, and I’m mobile so I come to you. I’m also a perfectionist and I listen to the bride. My main aim is to have the bride happy, confi dent, and relaxed on the day.


  1. If you don’t have a skincare routine, start one, but change it gradually to avoid breakouts.
  2. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily.
  3. Get lots of sleep. Be organised so you don’t spend the night before the wedding awake and worrying.


All about the eyes

A professional hair and makeup artist with 17 years’ experience, Marianna specialises in weddings as well as film and TV. Recent projects include Celebrity Apprentice and Australia’s Next Top Model.

The look: This look focuses on the smouldering eyes. I used an aubergine shade to keep it softer than black and charcoal, and balanced the eyes with soft lips. There’s a beautiful satin finish to the skin — not matte, which is harsh and flat. This gives it a more luminescent, natural glow.

This look would suit: A confident bride; someone who wants to make a statement.

What do you love about it? 
I love that it makes her eyes stand out but there’s still a warmth to them. It’s sexy but not over the top.

Beauty secrets: To add drama to the eyes I used Smiink Flashy Lash lashes, which are quite dense. The high ponytail is kept soft by giving it some height at the front and allowing the hair to escape around the face.

Trend prediction: Brides are becoming more adventurous; there’s a move towards hair extensions, full sets of lashes, and a generally more glamorous look.

What defines your style?
My style is to create naturallooking skin — it’s still flawless but not overly powdered or heavy.


  1. Try to be open to suggestion. If you trust your makeup artist and hair stylist, you could actually end up looking better than what you envisage.
  2. The makeup and hair trial is when you should experiment — not the day of your wedding.
  3. Have a theme in mind when you go to your trial — even the colour scheme and pictures if possible.

Hollywood glamour

Barbi has been styling hair for more than 13 years and has a very loyal clientele. Working at both fashion shoots and weddings throughout her career, Barbi prides herself on making brides, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and
flowergirls look and feel absolutely amazing. 

The look: This is definitely my signature look. It’s very old-school Hollywood glamour with that beautiful wave.
That movement of the hair originated in this era. 

This look would suit: A bride who loves that old-Hollywood feel combined with a sharp modern edge. 

Styling secret: There’s a lot of curling, setting, moulding, and structuring involved in this style. I used a heated wand and set it into rollers. After setting it, I brushed it out, structured it, and set it with pins.

Bridal hair trend prediction: Brides are going for the bigger, more glamorous, longer look than up-styles. Clip-on hair extensions are becoming popular. Brides can purchase a box of 100-per-cent human hair extensions from me for their wedding day, which can be re-used for years with the right care.

What are your strengths as a hair stylist?
My styling, creativity, and my passion. I love what I do.


  1. Trim your hair a few weeks before the wedding day to bring back its elasticity and shine.
  2. Correct the colour well beforehand so it’s spot on for the wedding day.
  3. Have your hair blow-dried the day before. Freshly washed hair doesn’t work because it’s too soft.
  4. Have a hairdresser on site to touch up your hair. A lot of my brides get me to come halfway through the day. It makes a big difference to their confidence.


With 17 years’ experience as a makeup artist in the TV, film, and fashion industries, Simone Smith-Downing knows how to make women look their best — whether celebrity, model, or bride.

The look: The focus of this look is on the lips. The coral colour gives a fresh, summery feel. Everything else was minimal. An antique gold colour was used on the eyes and definition was given with inner eyeliner and mascara. No false eyelashes were used.

What do you love about it?
I love the pop of colour on the lips — it’s very “now” and perfect for a warm wedding.

This look would suit: A stylish bride looking for a fresh, fashionable, elegant, and feminine look.

Beauty secret: To make lips hold their colour, layer them with pencil, lipstick, and gloss. Here, my colour secret is MAC Vegas Volt for a hit of summery coral.

What are your strengths as a makeup artist?
My experience is my main strength. I work quickly and I’m calm under pressure. I also use top-quality products that always get the best results, including airbrush foundation, which has longer staying power than a regular foundation.


  1. Drink a lot of water. It helps to hydrate the skin.
  2. Carry touch-up lipstick and blot paper with you on the day. If your makeup is applied well, that’s all you’ll need.
  3. Stay true to yourself. Too many brides want to wear something totally different to what they’re used to. Wear what you’re comfortable with so you are confident on the day.

Drama queen

A fashion-forward and award-winning makeup artist, Jaclyn Hnitko loves making brides look their best. When not at weddings, you’ll fi nd her working her magic on set at fashion shows and photo shoots. The look: We went for fresh, dewy skin with a peach lip and golden-bronze eyes to pick up the gold in one of the dresses. It’s a look that can go with anything because it’s quite neutral but still sultry. 

What do you love about it?
I love that it’s very modern and up to date, but it’s still quite safe so it’s not going to date too much.

This look would suit: A young, more contemporary bride for a spring or summer wedding. The golden tones give that warmth to the skin which would be reflected in the warm weather. 

Beauty secret: With eyes I use creams (MAC Fluidlines) rather than powder shadows. It gives a softer look and makes everything stay dewy.

What are your strengths as a makeup artist?
Getting flawless skin and making it last. It’s the way I prep the skin — the products and techniques I use — that give the makeup longevity.


  1. Buy the shade of lip colour you decide on at your trial and carry it with you on your wedding day for touching up.
  2. Have your final facial or eyebrow wax two weeks before the wedding to allow time for the skin to heal or recover from break-outs.
  3. Get a trial spray tan to ensure it’s not too orange on the day.



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