The How To On Destination Weddings

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Choosing to marry away from your home city or country allows you to enjoy beautiful new scenery with a relaxed holiday vibe.

More and more Australian couples are now opting for a destination wedding over a traditional wedding, whether it’s to keep costs down, elope, marry on neutral territory, combine the wedding and honeymoon, or simply to create a celebration with a difference.

While getting all your friends and family to an out-of-town or an exotic overseas destination might sound stressful, in many cases destination weddings can actually be easier to plan than traditional ones. Many out-of-town and overseas venues, resorts and cruise lines are now targeting the destination-wedding sector and are creating cost-effective and hassle-free packages to suit. These have evolved from offering just the basics to now including a wedding planner, wedding cake, a professional photographer and videographer, flowers from the region, food, the venue itself plus a host of other extras.

The array of venues now offering destinationwedding packages also provides a great variety for brides and grooms to-be. These range from city hotels, all-inclusive beach resorts, luxury resorts, guest houses, and boutique hotels. So whether you’re after a fancy high-end do in an exotic locale, or something more rustic closer to home, there is bound to be a venue and destination for you. Besides the bragging rights that getting married in these far-away places afford, there are often cost savings to consider too.

According to IBISWorld, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200, with other surveys listing the average even higher. Given this expense, it is no wonder brides and grooms are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Destination wedding money-savers

  1. More affordable wedding reception venues and catering. Generally, a Sydney reception venue is a minimum of 40 percent of the total cost of the wedding, including the honeymoon. This cost can be reduced by going out of town or overseas.

  2. More intimate and unique weddings. Destination weddings typically involve a much smaller guest list, either due to the couple’s budget constraints, the venue’s limitations in terms of accommodation, or simply because many of the guests you would have at a home-town wedding can’t travel to the location you’ve chosen.

  3. One great location for the wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon. A huge money saver for many couples.

What to consider

• The number of guests. According to a survey compiled for Travel Weekly’s May 2012 Wedding, Honeymoon and Romance Advisor, the average guest list for a destination wedding is 48 people, who stay an average of three nights.
• Whether your guests can and will travel. Destination weddings can either be a treat or a burden for guests, depending on location, ease of access and booking options.
• A destination that has a special meaning to you and your partner or that fi ts with your personalities. Couples must also factor in the time needed to research locations and perhaps even visit the various venues, especially if they are within Australia.

Once you decide that you’d like to get married away from home, you then need to choose whether to stay closer to home and opt for an out-of-town venue in NSW or Australia or whether you’d like to go all out and head overseas. There are pros and cons to both options but, generally speaking, if you want a bigger wedding with all your friends and family, then you should choose a local wedding, which is easier and more affordable for guests to attend. Or if it’s a smaller intimate wedding that you’re after with just your nearest and dearest, you might want to make a mini holiday out of it and plan a function overseas.

In practical terms, a destination wedding in a picturesque location often means your day runs smoothly: instead of having to go to different locations for wedding photos, the ceremony, reception, fi rst night and the honeymoon, you do it all in the one place!



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