Five Games To Play At Your Hen's Night

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Fun, friendly, and a little risqué, these hen’s games are sure to make for a memorable night.

From nostalgic ice breakers to hilarious quiz shows, here are five games that are super-sweet, a little flirty, and guaranteed fun.

The best beginning to a hen’s night is an ice-breaker to get people in the mood, and pop culture is an easy conversation starter. Make a list of famous couples from the past (check out for inspiration), print off pictures of each celebrity, and have the party match up the couples. “This is always a favourite,” says
Brie Peters from party and events planner Glamourpuss Events. “I like the couples that nobody remembers, like Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson,” she says. Pair the game with some old-school pop to have your hens reminiscing about times when Brad wasn’t Angie’s baby daddy, and Bennifer was still going strong.

For smaller hen’s parties, a personalised game can help to bring the girls together before things get a bit rowdy. Have each guest write a memory on a post-it note. If you want to get creative, disguise the memory in a riddle or try using just two key words to trigger the bride’s memory. The bride must then pick out a memory, guess what it is, and explain it to the group. This works best for intimate parties of close friends. “And make sure nobody gets left out,” Brie recommends.

Liven up the gift-giving process with a game of bingo. Have the head bridesmaid pass around “Hen’s Night Bingo Cards” with empty rows and columns (three across, three down). In each box, the guests write down gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive and cross off presents as she unwraps them. When someone has fi lled three in a row they shout “BINGO!” and get a free drink or prize. The best thing about this game is it can be as risqué as you want — a cheeky hen’s night will have presents to make you blush, but it works just as well at bridal high tea with the in-laws.

It’s amazing what a bride-to-be doesn’t know about the man she’s marrying. Back in the 1980s there was a game show called The Newlyweds, where a new bride and groom would have to answer personal (and sometimes embarrassing) questions about each other... hilarity ensued. Recreate the game by interviewing the groom beforehand with intimate questions, and put the same or similar questions to the bride-to-be on the night. “You’ve always got to put some really hard ones in there,” says Brie. She suggests asking what position he plays on his footy team, what superhero he would be, or how soon he wants to have kids after marriage. Video the groom guessing what the bride-to-be will say for extra laughs.

What is a hen’s night without a bit of drinking and flirting? A popular bachelorette dare is to have the bride-to-be collect signatures on her body from various men throughout the night. In this classier version, the head bridesmaid gets each guest to write unusual men’s names on the back of a white t-shirt. The front should be decorated with the word BRIDE. At each venue of the night, the bride-to-be must find a man to cross off his name on the shirt before the group moves on. At the last stop, she must take a shot for every name not found — the pressure is on!

By Brie Peters, Glamourpuss Events
• Keep them simple; simple games are always the best.
• Have all the props laid out ahead of time and write down the answers to quiz games.
• Run a time line so you know how each game fits into the night.
• Always have more games than what you think you need.
• Don’t commit to anything — if a game isn’t working, don’t force it.


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