Hen's Night Etiquette

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It’s time to banish those awkward hen’s situations for good. Never be caught out of the loop with these etiquette guidelines. By Chloe Beesley

Who pays?

Money is generally an awkward topic of discussion, so how do you know what to expect when it comes to hen’s night financials? More often than not, the person organising the celebration will ask the guests for some kind of contribution; be it money, props or food and drinks. It’s safe to assume that the guests who are attending a hen’s night will have some out-ofpocket expense. However, not every situation is the same. The key to minimal awkwardness is clear communication.

Hen’s night organisers need to keep in mind that not everyone will be in the same fi nancial boat; some may be more like Titanic than the Queen Mary II. This means that consideration needs to be given when deciding on a hen’s event in terms of the cost per head. If the organiser hosts the event at her home, she may wish to ask for things such as plates of food and props rather than a sum of money. If it is to be a fi ve-part extravaganza, expect some people to only be able to afford one part of it. Getting upset because they won’t throw all their money into expensive events does have a whiff of bridezilla about it.

Who to invite?

Deciding on who (and who not) to invite can be tricky. Above all, the hen’s celebration should be one to remember, for good reasons rather than bad. Inviting a cohesive group of people will typically ensure a seamless event. A bad mix of people can be like a bad cocktail — you don’t put bourbon in a cosmopolitan for good reason. It can also be challenging deciding whether the other generations should come to the hen’s celebration. It is always a great solution to have a tamer, daytime celebration where the mother of the bride, mother-in-law, grandmas
and underage relatives can join in the fun as well. The evening can be enjoyed with friends and family who you will feel comfortable in front of the entire night. If there is confusionas to whether to invite work acquaintances as well as close friends, it’s entirely your decision.

Generally, the more the merrier for night time celebrations, however it all comes down to whether you will feel comfortable or not. If it’s likely to get rowdy, you may not want your boss around!

Gifts or no gifts?

Weddings are a celebration of love, and any celebration means gifts. Engagement gifts? Yes. Wedding gifts? Of course. Hen’s gifts? Generally, gifts are not necessary at a hen’s party because the guests are paying for themselves to be there. If gifts are given, more often than not they are simply for a laugh (edible underwear perhaps?). The group may collectively decide on a joint gift. One doubly thoughtful and cost-saving idea is for each guest to make a scrapbook page, with all pages then assembled together to create one unique gift. It will be a wonderful memento of this exciting time for the bride-to-be.

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