Be Inspired By All Different Hair Lengths

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We take a look at Bride-to-be hair trends with Dario Cotroneo of Dario Salon.


As the bob and the lob (long bob) have both become so fashionable in 2014, I’ve seen lots of women coming into the salon asking for a bridal look for short hair. A slick wave tucked under at the bottom will give your hair polish without it looking like it does every other day. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could also try finger waves — a fabulous retro-glam style that looks amazing on brides.


Braids are the hair look for this season as they are a flattering and romantic style for any summer bride. Add some romance to the look by keeping hair wavy, textured and slightly loose. By braiding the front of the hair and pinning the rest up in a messy bun, you also avoid the issue of any hairs going astray during the ceremony, which is an added bonus!


A great way to wear curls with edge, a side bun is the perfect look for brides that want something a little different without being too out there. This also provides a great and different way to wear a veil if this is something you’re considering for your wedding day.


This is a great look for brides that want to wear their hair down with a bit of a twist. This look can be worn with either curly, wavy or straight hair; however, I think a curl or a wave makes the look more bridal and luxe, especially if you normally wear your hair straight.

CW spoke with ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, Dee Parker of Wieselmann, on how to go blonde for your big day 

Blonde is one of the most in-demand and transformational hair colours, which makes going lighter a popular choice for many brides. If your dream is to be fair-haired on your wedding day, you need to know what to ask for. You want to look your best on your big day, and that means your hair colour needs to complement your skin tone. So don’t fall into the trap of just rocking in with a picture of your ideal celebrity blonde — their hair colour may not suit you at all! 

Use the natural colour of your hair and skin as a guide for your choice of blonde. Light skin tones can be washed out by really pale shades but can pull off everything from a very dark blonde to fullon platinum. Brides-to-be with dark complexions, on the other hand, should go for richer shades such as caramel and café au lait blonde.

If your hair is really dark, you are better off considering an ombré approach, lightening to a chocolate brown and using highlights, which will ensure you avoid looking overly processed and artifi cial. But regardless of which shade you choose, it’s always a good idea to stay within three shades of your natural hue for your base colour. If you’re planning to go blonde, one to two weeks before your big day is ideal to make the change, as it gives any colour time to settle and you can correct anything you’re not happy with, without any stress.

And I cannot stress enough the importance of using tailored blonde haircare products for any type of blonde. Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME range is a perfect option as each product is tailored to different types of blondes. For more info on the BLONDME range, visit


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