Beauty Advice: Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle

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Hair and makeup artist Maria Gullace gives us her insights on choosing a hairstyle to suit your face shape.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is not a simple task. There are many things that you will need to consider: the style of your dress, your body type and, importantly, your face shape. Choosing the right hairstyle is predominantly about shape and geometry. Ask any hairdresser and they will say it’s all about putting the perfect frame around a person’s face in order to maximise and complement their best features. Here, CW lists the most flattering hairstyles for each face shape.

Finding your face shape

Before you flip through the pages of beauty magazines and scour Pinterest for that perfect bridal hairstyle, you must determine your face shape. To do so, pull your hair completely away from your face and secure with an elastic band or headband. Stand in front of a mirror and using an old lipstick, sketch an outline of your face on the mirror. Now, compare the outline to the following shapes.


Round faces tend to have few or no angles to them. The widest point can be found across the width of the cheekbones, narrowing a bit at the forehead and the jawline. Maria says hairstyles that have layered, long or side-sweeping bangs look amazing on round face shapes. “Look at Bridget Bardot!” Having long bangs at ear level creates shape and is versatile to wear. “Ponytails and anything with massive volume is a big no-no and should only be used for Texas hodowns and Dallas TV-show parties,” adds Maria.


Sometimes called the inverted triangle, a heartshaped face is widest at the forehead and narrows toward the jawline. “Low, messy buns are so flattering and romantic [on this face shape]. These are best suited to hair that has a wave or natural curl already existing, [however] if not, this can be achieved with tongs and hot rollers. If you are conscious of your forehead and feel it overpowers your face, adding a fringe can soften the look. Anything high will only make your chin more pronounced so styles which sit at the centre crown and lower look great,” says Maria.


The oval face shape is one of the most versatile face shapes as it is not too wide, not too long, and everything seems to be in balance, allowing it to wear almost any style without an issue. “This season, I am loving on oval faces hair that has an earthy wave to it and that is not overly curled. This is best suited on hair no shorter than shoulder length,” says Maria.


Square face shapes typically have strong, broad foreheads and angular jaws. Maria says the basic rule of thumb for ladies with a square face shape is: “when square, go round!” “Rounded, volumed, textured or soft side parts work best [with this face shape] as they soften the edges of a strong jaw and head shape. Stay away from any hairstyles that are too structured.”


Long face shapes are exactly what you would expect — longer than they are wide. The mission for those with long faces is to make their face appear wider. Maria says chignons (low, wide buns that can be curled or worn in a smooth style) work amazingly on long face shapes. “Hair down and straight is not the best as it makes your face look longer,” she adds.


Those with a triangular face shape tend to have wider jaws and narrower foreheads. “Hollywood waves look great on this face shape as they add weight to the chin and neck region,” says Maria. “Another style that looks great is a side bun or braid with a strong, sweeping fringe. Stray hairs add a relaxed element, which looks natural and very current in today’s styles. “Try to stay away from high buns and ponytails as they would just further emphasise your shape.”



Words: Danielle Meloney

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