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We know most grooms have their suiting and booting options covered, but for those men who just won’t wear the trousers, here’s a little advice for the ladies: rescuing your groom from doom is best tackled from dawn till dusk to avoid catastrophe.

Ladies, the clock is ticking and the biggest day of your life is almost upon you. There is no turning back now. Invitations have been sent, the venue is secured, and you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with your best friend. So the last thing you need is for your groom to show up to the wedding looking like a 13-year-old eagerly wearing his dad’s daggy old suit. 

Think pants that are almost dragging on the floor, sleeves that extend far beyond the wrist and a shirt clearly not hugging his physique. Indeed, it’s a horrific sight to behold with the potential to bring out your inner bridezilla — and the last thing anyone needs is an unhappy bride ready to pull her hair out. The secret to grooms looking absolutely dashing at their wedding is to tailor their attire with the seasons. Observe the timing of the wedding — is it around dawn, midday or dusk? 

The time of day for your celebrations should influence what type of suit the groom will be wearing. It’s two birds, one stone — not only does this provide a seamless contrast with the overall colour scheme of the wedding, but it will complement the weather too. It also prevents the risk of him looking like an oddball in a sea of exquisite men and women when it comes to the official photos. To give brides one less worry on their plate, we’ve provided some great suggestions of how to find the right suit for your groom in accordance with the time of day.

DAWN: Morning Suits

If your wedding is at sunrise, the venue will be highlighted with a brisk, orange backdrop. While it gives a reflective nostalgic mood, logically it’s also going to be colder than usual, and
thus it’s imperative the groom dresses appropriately to prevent a cold before the honeymoon. Morning suits follow a four-piece method: a tailcoat, a dress shirt that is single- or double-cuffed, a waistcoat, and a pair of formal trousers. This ensemble choice gives way for experimentation with colour — another reason why it’s a great option, especially if the wedding is at dawn or set in an elegant historic venue. Follow a bright to dark colour scheme, working from the inside out. Perhaps consider a plain white shirt, a light blue tie, and a grey waistcoat finished off with a crisp black tailcoat. The trousers can either match the colour of the tailcoat or be a slightly darker version of the colour of the waistcoat.

MIDDAY: Lounge/Cocktail Suits

The sun is in full swing and you’re blessed with the cool hues of the calming blue sky. Weddings that occur at midday often mean the celebrations will go on well into the night, so prepare for a long day ahead. Because of this, the last thing the groom needs is to be
weighed down by numerous layers of clothing. For this time of day, opt for a simple and sweet ensemble. A two-piece set (single-breasted suit and trousers) in a regular straight fit, along with a shirt of his choice, is a contemporary option for grooms who still want to look sharp without any hassle. This is also a good option to consider if your future husband isn’t so fashion forward, especially if the thought of him being dressed head to toe in haute couture is enough to send him running for the hills.

DUSK: Tuxedo Suits

It’s time for the sun to sleep and the moon to wake. As the crisp air surrounds your wedding with the fiery colours of the setting sun, you and your groom are welcomed with a moonlit, star-studded backdrop. Tuxedo suits are perfect for dusk because not only is it sophisticated chic, but also it hugs the upper torso in all the right places to highlight broad shoulders and muscle. Black tuxedo suits are a classic choice, and combining it in a white and black contrast is always an excellent set up to have. With that said there are many options available — think dark blue tuxedo suits with a black satin collar, or a classic black tuxedo suit with a pocket square that matches the wedding’s colour scheme.

’Tis the season to look handsome

Weddings in the summertime call for more lightweight materials such as linen or cotton to ensure that the groom stays cool and fresh, minus the ghastly sweat patches that might appear in the official photos. Meanwhile, wool-based suits keep you shivering from the blistering cold for winter ceremonies. It’s also important to bear in mind how the colour scheme blends with the season. Black, grey and darker shades of blue are universal schemes all-yearround, but they look the best in autumn and winter. Warmer times like spring and summer give grooms the opportunity for more adventurous choices like white, cream and pastel shades. Whatever you decide, remember the golden rule of having fun and thinking creatively. You’re going to be declaring your love in public, so make sure it’s a memory that you can look back on with fondness, partly because your man looked so damn good.


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