5 Creative Ways To Get To The Alter

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Is arriving in a car or even in a limousine too pedestrian for your wedding? Do you want to do something a little different to make your day memorable? Stephanie Azzopardi uncovers Melbourne’s most unique wedding transport ideas

Cinderella styling
If you want the complete Cinderella experience, this is for you. It’s an elegant and lavish way to get to your ceremony. Arrive feeling like royalty and greet your Prince Charming in style.

Bikie chick
Fancy yourself as a bit of a rebel? Hire a Harley Davidson complete with a double sidecar to chauffer you to and from your wedding. Don’t want to risk ruining your dress? You can arrive in a car and have the Harleys surround you with a guard of honour.

Are you a bit of a free spirit? A kombi van — a symbol of peace and love — could be perfect for your special day. Paired with a vintage ’60s or ’70s gown, this could be the pideal way to arrive at your love fest.

Arrive at your ceremony like a celebrity and hire a helicopter. You can make your stunning entrance after sipping champagne over breathtaking views. Just remember, your ceremony will need to be near a helipad or a clearing.

Getting married on the beach? Why not hire a seaplane to get there? It’s large enough for your entire bridal party and it will definitely be transport that you and your guests will never forget. It might even be a great way for you and your husband to escape to your honeymoon! 

The possibilities are endless. Why not enquire about skydiving? Are you an animal lover? Arrive on horseback. Is there a golf course where you’re getting married? Utilise the buggies. Your transportation is quite dependent on where you’re getting married and when, but with some forward thinking there’s no limit to how to make your arrival unforgettable.

Top tips for arranging your wedding transport

  • Make sure you have a back-up plan for unexpected weather. What if it rains and your horse-drawn carriage doesn’t have a roof ? Or it’s too stormy for a helicopter to set out?
  • Do your research. Ask if there are special bridal packages and see if you can get a deal (for example, ask if the price could be reduced if you’re hiring three or four kombi vans). Ask about extras — is there champagne included?
  • Do you want your chauffeur or pilot to wear a tuxedo? If you don’t want a shabbily dressed driver to affect the elegance of your day, make sure you ask.
  • Book well in advance — around six months to a year prior is ideal. This will ensure you get exactly what you want for your special day.
  • One week before, call and confirm. Make sure you are both aware of the pick-up address (whether it be your house, a hotel or an airport) and time.

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