Health How To: Get Glowing Skin For Your Wedding

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Looking flawless by your wedding day is not difficult - it just requires a little planning. Follow this three-month plan, save yourself a lot of stress and make this time of your life fun-filled and special



Consult with a few beauty and hair salons.

Select the one that suits your needs and that of your bridal party. Ask a lot of questions. Do they travel to your home/hotel on the wedding day? Can they close down the salon for a more private experience? Your ideal salon is the one that has a multi-skilled team of professionals that can coordinate all services and work together to make your time there as stress-free as possible.

Start a monthly professional facial treatment plan.

A series of professional facial treatments will take your skin to the next level of rejuvenation (allow for three or more treatments, depending on the state of your skin). Select a facial that includes the following steps: cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions (no blackheads allowed by D-day!), facial massage and a mask application. Select a non-thermal skin restoring treatment as an add-on to your facial — ask your professional for LED or low-level laser modalities.

Have a makeup trial.

This is to ensure you are happy with the end result and that you have no adverse reactions to any makeup products being used. Make sure to bring along a picture of your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses, together with magazine shots of those bridal makeup and hairstyles that you like (the more clues you give your makeup artist, the more likely you are to be happy with the end results). Please note: if you are considering getting eyelash extensions, make sure to have a trial at least six months beforehand, as I have heard some disastrous stories of women reacting to the glue used.

Adopt a personalised skincare regime. Rather than self-diagnosing your skin, it is best to leave it to your facialist to perform a thorough skin analysis, as it is paramount that you use the right skincare for your particular skin type and condition (you do not want to take any risks). Use your recommended skincare religiously!

Make appointments for all beauty services you will need before the wedding. Refer to this plan. Book all sessions needed between now and the big day. Make sure to check the beauty needs of your bridesmaids, mother and mother-inlaw, and book relevant appointments.


Start a professional weekly manicure plan.

Your hands and nails will be a major focus of attention on your big day (everyone will want to admire the rings!). Current wedding fashion is favouring a natural look: out with long, artifi cial acrylic nails and in with shorter, natural nails. Choose a light colour lacquer to complement the colour of your dress. Make sure to be recommended a good cuticle oil and hand cream for use at home. Have a spray-on tan trial.

A professional fake tan is a great way to look bronzed for your big day and to add a little hue to your skin. Make sure to choose a subtle tan colour with no orange undertone (this is not a nice bridal look). The idea is to create a soft, sun-kissed look and to appear as natural as possible. It’s important to trial the product two months prior to the wedding day, so your skin has time to recover from any allergies you may encounter.


Have your hair coloured and cut.

This is your last chance to review and/or make any changes to your hair styling preferences before the wedding. Get enough sleep. In order to function well, our bodies need about eight hours of sleep every night. The first visible signs of sleep deprivation usually show as dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as dull or drawnlooking skin. So get some beauty sleep!


Book yourself in for a relaxation massage.
Relax and be pampered! It’s time to ease off and forget the pressures of wedding planning.


Exfoliate your entire body.

This is to ensure a soft feel to your skin and an even tan colour, all contributing to a flawless look. Choose a gentle scrub or soft bristle brush and exfoliate your entire body. Have your last facial treatment before the big day. Select a gentle treatment with a light exfoliation, LED or low-level laser modalities as well as the application of a good-quality hydrating mask.


Have your spray-on tan done.
Have your last professional manicure (the later in the day, the better, as you do not want to wreck your nail polish).


Have your hair styled.
Have your makeup done as planned. Enjoy — it’s your big day!

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