Hen's Night: Party Ideas

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Kitchen tea: yawn. Why should boys get to do all the cool stuff? These adventurous activities will ensure an unforgettable hen’s party.


While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of male eye candy, these days more and more women are thinking beyond nightclubs, sequins and lap dances or quiet kitchen teas in order to bid bachelorette-hood farewell. For something a bit different for your hen’s party, take a look at our shortlist of adventurous activities.


The Great Race
Did the bride-to-be use to fancy herself a Nancy Drew in the making? Or perhaps she’s a devotee of TV’s The Amazing Race. For the inner sleuth in all of us, you can’t go past a treasure hunt, and Great Race guarantees all the fun without any of the meltdowns you see on TV. The company was founded by actors Brett Blewitt and Joshua North, who decided to channel their performance skills into facilitating group adventures. Their signature hen’s event is The Rocks Romp, a two-hour treasure hunt around Sydney’s historic Rocks area. Each romp begins with an opening ceremony where every team is given a “race kit”, including a checkpoint list and map. Then the race is underway, with plenty of hens-themed challenges and pit-stops at bars for teams to collect clues. Brett reassures that the romp is no “glorifi ed pub crawl” (drinking is optional), and that the race is designed for people of all fitness levels. Even grandma can compete in this activity — without too much blushing.

The Paparazzi Game
Who doesn’t love taking photos? The Paparazzi Game, offered by Red Balloon, takes being snaphappy to a whole new level. You’ll be split into teams, armed with nothing more than clues and cameras, tasked with taking fun shots around the city (such as someone kissing a shop mannequin). The game fi nishes with an inevitably hilarious debrief and scoring session. One of the advantages of the Paparazzi Game is that it is designed and delivered as a kit to be run by yourself, although a facilitator can be arranged at an additional cost. One satisfi ed hen says The Paparazzi Game “was so simple to manage, was a great hen’s experience and we have some very amusing photos as a souvenir!” This one’s made for dashing and (lightbulb) flashing around town.


Flying Trapeze

Hands up if you ever dreamed of running away with the circus as a kid. Now you and your hens can live out that childhood dream (well, for 90 minutes anyway) with a fl ying trapeze lesson. Circus Arts, located in Sydney’s Olympic Park and Byron Bay, caters for all groups wanting to experience the thrill of flying. The session begins with full instruction and you’ll go through all the basic moves on a low practice bar. Once those have been mastered, you’ll be on the 10-metre-high fl ying trapeze where you’ll be swinging, hanging upside down, fl ipping, and even somersaulting through the air. And yes, there is a net!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Australia won Gold in 2004 for Clay Pigeon Shooting, but you don’t need to be an Olympian to enjoy the excitement of this event. Hens can choose to release any pre-wedding tension while indulging their inner markswoman safely with a spot of laser clay pigeon shooting. Up to five people stand side-by-side at one time and shoot at the clay pigeons (discs) using de-activated original shotguns. The guns fi re harmless infrared light beams, accompanied by realistic sound effects, with hits and misses from each gun tallied on a computer scoreboard. You and your hens can even combine the sport atop the luxury of a chartered cruise, as offered by specialists such as Quayside Charters.



Marriage is a leap of faith, so perhaps leaping from a plane doesn’t seem quite so scary in comparison. Catering for the extreme-thrill-loving hen, Skydive the Beach and Beyond has recently launched its Affair to Remember package. It includes a 14,000-foot tandem skydive over the beach, a 30-minute relaxation massage (to get the heart back to normal), and a commemorative Skydive the Beach and Beyond T-shirt. Skydive the Beach Sydney’s marketing manager, Courtney Butler, says they are the only skydiving company to offer this unique blend of “adventure, relaxation and fun”. Are you game?

Hot-Air Balloon

Maybe the bride-to-be secretly hoped for a romantic proposal while riding a hot-air balloon over the picturesque countryside, but her partner opted for something a tad simpler. Not to worry; she and her girlfriends can still have that moment by booking a group hot-air balloon ride. Cloud 9 Balloon Flights caters for all types of groups, with a maximum of 18 persons per balloon. Like skydiving, hot-air ballooning is a “fair weather” activity so be prepared to change the date of this if conditions on the day prove unsuitable. If you can afford to be fl exible, a hen’s balloon ride would make a breathtaking party.


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