Flower Girls And Page Boys In Your Bridal Party

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A little addition to your bridal party - tips for including children in your ceremony.

Flower girls and page boys are a great way to involve either your children or those of your friends and family. The ideal age of these little helpers is between four and eight years old as they are old enough to understand what is going on and young enough to add some fun and cuteness to the day.

Keep it light

If your flower girl is carrying flowers, choose something small and simple - she will probably have difficulty carrying something large and something too extravagant will look over the top on someone so small. Consider a corsage or pomander on her wrist and be prepared that younger girls in particular may not like it and be fussy. Keep in mind that scattering flowers is a nice idea and would look pretty cute, or you could end up with a basket full overturned at the first step. If you have more than one flower girl, have them walk down the aisle together for moral support.

Page boys traditionally carry the rings and the number one rule is to give them the precious cargo at the last minute possible. Make sure to explain their role properly, a few practice runs are recommended before the big day.

Before the ceremony, introduce both page boys and flowers girls to the celebrant so they aren't walking towards a stranger. It helps to have a relative or someone they are familiar with at the front so they are have someone they love to aim for and simling encouraginly. It will hopefully make things less daunting for them.

Be realistic

Each child at the wedding party needs a responsible adult looking out for them to avoid all manner of disasters, from going missing and drinks on their outfits to teary meltdowns. They will need regular healthy snacks and reminders to go to the toilet, not to mention plenty of attention to avoid boredom.

Be prepared

If all else fails you may have to stop tears with bribery - have stickets, bubbles or s lollipop ready and promise they can have them after the ceremony if all goes well. If that doesn't work, just go with the flow. 

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