7 Creative Centrepiece Ideas

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Wow the crowd with creative centrepieces for your reception

The centrepieces you choose say a lot about your own sense of style. Whether your tastes are modern, traditional or a little bit quirky, there are designs to say it all. Upon entering the room, the centrepieces are one of the first things your guests will notice, so it pays to choose right. Here are some of the centrepiece trends that are hot right now.

Mixing colours
While single-colour bouquets are still popular, a blend of colours is becoming more prominent. A common number is three colours, as this gives you lots of room to be creative. Try having large centrepieces with all three hues on some of the tables and three smaller arrangements with one colour in each arrangement on other tables. You could also try using flowers that have multiple colours in them. Anemones are scentless fl owers and come in a large variety of colours, but one of the most popular styles right now is the simple white with black centre. These are modern but also portray a certain sophisticated bridal look. Cream-coloured gerbera daisies with dark centres will have much the same effect.

Colours vs shades
While bright-coloured flowers stand out by themselves, a striking contrast can bring them to life even more. Consider pairing purple flowers with bright-orange napkins on a charcoal tablecloth. Rather than looking garish, this contrast is eye catching and would give off a sense of warmth to the room. Alternatively, rather than having a centrepiece full of bright-coloured flowers, try incorporating some beige or even grey tones into your floral arrangements. These act as filler flowers and help make the contrasting bright colours stand out.

Traditional vases are increasingly being forgone in favour of something a little more quirky and original. Antique tins or birdcages are great ways to demonstrate a twist on a modern style. If you wanted to go even further, you could use teacups, either regular sized or giant, or even vintage musical instruments. If this all sounds a bit too far out of your comfort zone, a safe way to change up your vases is using coloured glass or finding vases in irregular shapes. This will make them a focal point of the centrepiece while not looking too outlandish.

It is possible to forego the vase and flowers altogether and opt for a completely different look. Lanterns are a great way to create some mood lighting and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You could also consider using candelabras. They look amazing and really stand out, especially if you wind some vines around them. If you are adamant about having flowers but also like the candelabra or lantern look, consider using flowers in place of the actual candles or fl ames to brighten things up and for a complementary mix of styles.

Not flowers?
It is possible to have vases without the flowers. Some people choose to have potted plants such as succulents or herbs on their tables in lieu of flowers. These give the tables a homey feeling and are great for rustic and garden weddings. Another option is lollies, in which case your centrepieces could double as favours. If you would like more of a beach feeling, you could display pieces of coral and shells in blue glass vases. Another great way to save money on flowers is to use fruit instead. Bunches of grapes can accentuate a vineyard setting while tropical fruits such as pineapples go great with a Hawaiian-style theme. Food The reception gives your guests the chance to talk amongst themselves and have something to eat, so why not design your centrepieces with this in mind? Food platters based around sharing, such as cheese and dip plates, need to go in the centre of the table. These could become your centrepieces, if you are creative enough, or you could also try hanging your arrangements from the ceiling to make space on the table. If you would like a food related centrepiece, consider a cupcake tower or even individual mini wedding cakes for your guests to share. These cakes could all be smaller versions of the main one in the same design, or you could choose to have a few different designs in a similarstyle spread around the room.

Sight lines
For your guests to be able to talk, they need to be able to see each other. Keeping your centrepieces low is a great way to enable your guests to enjoy each other’s company. In contrast to this, you could choose tall and thin vases to raise the arrangements above sight lines.

Popular flowers for centrepieces

• Anemones
• Dahlias
• Mokara orchids
• Carnations
• Roses

 Words: Maia Coghan

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