The Perfect Country Chic Wedding

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After meeting each other in their early teens, Bec and James “sealed the deal” at a gorgeous country estate



The first time Bec and James met was when they were 12 years old at a local holiday tennis camp. “James asked for my number at the end of the camp while we were eating ice-creams so, naturally, I wrote my home phone number on his Cornetto wrapper. He called me a few weeks later to ask me to go to the movies. He said he would call me the following week to confirm the movie date … but he never called back. To this day, he sticks by the story that his mum had thought the ice-cream wrapper was rubbish and had thrown it out and that’s why he couldn’t call me back. Not sure I believe that one!” says Bec. Years passed and the couple didn’t see each other again until they bumped into each other at a friends’ 16th birthday party. “James asked me out at the end of the night and we’ve been together ever since,” says Bec.

The night Bec got offered her dream job, James booked a celebratory dinner at one of their favourite restaurants, Ripples in Milsons Point. “After dinner, we went for a walk along the water under the Harbour Bridge. All of a sudden, out of the blue, he was down on one knee. It was so dark, I couldn’t even see the ring!” recalls Bec. “When my eyes adjusted, I realised what was happening and noticed that he was holding his late grandmother’s engagement ring, which was very special. We were married shortly after our 10-year anniversary.” The couple held their nuptials at the Terrara House Estate, which was the first venue they looked at. “It was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what we wanted for a relaxed country getaway for our family and closest friends.” Bec wore an elegant Karen Willis Holmes “Brooke” dress featuring a V-neck, tulle-draped bodice with a silk skirt covered with two layers of tulle. The cap sleeves are covered with Swarovski crystal detail.

The couple’s reception was held at the same venue and guest dined on entrées and mains that were on share plates for everyone to try. A metre-long grazing board was used instead of dessert to serve the red velvet and coconut/ white chocolate cake. Ham and mustard rolls were also served as supper while everyone was dancing the night away. “It truly was an absolutely fantastic day. We didn’t put too much pressure on ourselves, we just wanted to have fun and for our guests to relax and enjoy themselves,” says Bec. “The ceremony was full of laughs and silly jokes. It rained for most of the day but stopped at all of the important moments, such as while we got all of our photos around the property. Things didn’t always go to plan but it made the day better and even more memorable. The band played a mix of cult classics and top-40 songs and the dance floor was packed the whole night. As the guests departed to get on the buses back to their hotels, our families handed out Powerades — something everyone thanked us for the next day!”

“Do not stress! It’s so important just to go with the flow and be happy with what the day brings. I think people who put too much pressure on every little detail will always feel disappointment if things don’t work out the way they imagined. Things will change on the day and there will be surprises but it just makes it more fun. I can’t imagine what the day would have been like if I was stressed. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much. Instead, I had the best day and laughed the whole time. It was a fantastic party spent with my closest family and friends and I enjoyed every minute.”

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