Expert Advice: Bride Worthy Brows

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Achieving perfectly arched brows may take more preparation than you think. We have put together some hot tips to help you get the perfect look

Salon-Style Arches
If you’re having your eyebrows professionally maintained at a beauty salon, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • A professional beautician should be waxing your eyebrows every four to fi ve weeks.
  • If you have blonde or red hair, consider having your brows tinted. A slightly darker shade is a beautiful and natural-looking way of emphasising your eyes. To be safe, make sure you do a trial run of this a couple of months before your wedding.
  • After an eyebrow tint, wash the eyebrow area thoroughly with a cleanser to ensure the dye has been removed.
  • If you intend to see a professional prior to the wedding, ensure you start getting regular waxes as soon as possible so the brows can grow into the shape.


Home-Grown Eyebrows
If you trust your skills enough to maintain your eyebrows yourself, here are some things to consider:

  • To regrow over-plucked brows, avoid plucking or waxing for as long as you can. A brow stencil can assist with creating a new shape.
  • To tame your unruly brows, use an eyebrow brush sprayed with a bit of hairspray, hair gel or a clear mascara to tame them.
  • To control lengthy brow hairs, comb brows straight up and trim excess hair with facial hair scissors, then comb straight down and trim up excess as well.
  • If at any time you are unsure, stop and consult a professional.

Perfect Timing

  • It’s important to start perfecting your brow shape as early as possible, as hair that has been plucked or waxed repeatedly will take up to a year to grow back.
  • Any waxing, threading or plucking should be done no later than three days before the wedding. This is to ensure that any redness or swelling will be neutralised.




Brow Stensils Kit

Ellie Make Up’s one-of-a-kind and best-selling brow stencil kit enables you to achieve the perfect brow shape. Designed for easy, mistake-proof, perfectly arched brows, the kit contains six different stencil styles and can be used with the Brush On Brow palette for perfectly defined brows or a brow pencil for extreme definition. Available in four shades.



Colour it in

For barely-there blondes, an ash-blonde pencil is a safer option than tinting as a tint that’s too dark can take weeks to fade and will look obvious and harsh. Darker blondes should tint or apply a pencil in one shade darker than the hair colour to better frame the face.

Light redheads should choose a honey, camel or golden red tint or pencil, whereas darker redheads should opt for an auburn, reddish-brown or dark brown colour.

Brunettes should choose a tint or pencil two shades lighter than their hair colour. Ash-brown is a good option for most brunettes.


Brush On Brows
Ellie Make Up’s single-shade powders can shape and contour brows and come in four easy-to-wear shades with a convenient stiff brush and luxurious mirrored compact. The soft, easy-blend formula leaves a natural-looking brow line.



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