Joh Bailey Reveals His Bridal Hair Tips And Tricks

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Hair expert Joh Bailey gives his tried and tested secrets for choosing enduring hairstyles for your eventful day.

We understand that fabulous hair on your wedding day is a key factor for all brides, and a lot of time, money and effort goes into getting the perfect style. It is sensible when deciding what hair style you want to consider holding factor and, of course, comfort. There is no point paying for a lavish up-do if three hours and two paracetamols later, you have to take it out because the bobby pins are digging in. It is an inevitable reality that your hair isn’t going to look the same at the end of the night as it did that morning. Lucky for us, Joh Bailey, leading celebrity hairstylist of stars such as Kim Kardashian, has shared his advice on all things bridal hair. 

How do you determine the best style for your client?
“It’s really a combination of things, from the type of hair, the amount of work that the clientis willing to put into the style and, of course, the shape of the client’s face.”

What do you feel is the latest trend in bridal hair styling? 
“I feel that the latest trend is that there is no trend. Brides have come to the point where having something different is the key. I think it’s fantastic that girls are choosing what they want for themselves.”

Is there a certain period of time or style icon you look to for inspiration?
“There are a few but I look at Victoria Beckham, for sure. She has had long hair, short hair, and she is never afraid to change her style and colour.” 

Is there a particular style that you think best suits a bride?
“I think it has to suit the wedding rather than the bride. Some women are happy to walk down the aisle without caring about their hair after the veil is lifted, whereas other brides want to look great all day. However, I must say an up-style is my personal favourite.”

For our brides, do you have any tips on how to help hairstyles last throughout their long wedding day?
“Use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth range. Products like this give brides the best chance of having smoother and easier-to-handle hair, with a brilliant finish. I believe the more trouble you go to for getting it perfect, the more trouble you will have maintaining the style throughout the day.”

What is your most handy trick of the trade?
“There are a few; definitely TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine spray, followed by a blow dryer with a nozzle, and a flat iron. And, of course, the best product anyone can have in their bathroom is good old hairspray.”


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