Beauty Advice: Vintage Makeup Styles

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Learn more about your favourite retro glamour look and how recreate it with tips from our favourite makeup artists.

The '20s
by Ellie Makeup

What are the makeup trends of this era?

Smoky, smouldering eyes, clean skin and strong brows.

What colours and products were used to create this look?

Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation in Natural Beige; Flawless Finish Concealer Duo in Medium II; Pressed Bronzer Glow in Matte Glow; Trio Teinte Allure Crème in Pearl Parfait; Luxe Lisse Crème on lips in Gorgeous; Five Eye Palette in Coco on eyes; Does Not Budge Liner Gel in Raven to line the eye; Luxurious Lashes Mascara in Black Velvet, Brush on Brow Palette in Blonde to frame brows and Universale Glow Veile Powder to highlight the brow bone and cheeks.

Do you have any top beauty tips on how a bride-to-be should go about choosing a makeup artist?

Go with your instinct and choose someone who listens to what you are after, but can also provide you with guidance and a professional finish.


The '30s
by Alison Larwood Hair & Makeup Artist

What type of bride would the '30s look suit?

The vintage look is so on trend right now, and a modernised version such as this can be worn by almost anyone, from a bride who has a slight vintage feel to their wedding to someone going all out with silver-screen vintage glamour.


What are your top tips for bridal makeup?

Complexion, complexion, complexion! If you start with healthy, glowing skin and use products that give you a flawless yet natural-looking complexion, your eye makeup or lips can be as dramatic as you like. You will always look stunning, not overdone or too heavy.


What are your top tips for healthy skin?

It’s great if you can start a healthy skin regime at least a month before your wedding. Find a product that suits your skin and use it religiously. My absolute favourite is the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing set. I also use it to prep a bride’s skin prior to makeup application.


The '40s
by Hair by Harri

Your look was the '40s, tell us about the top hair trends from this era?

Perfectly styled, voluminous hair was the trend throughout the '40s and following into the '50s. In the mid-'40s, girls had very complicated hairstyles because this made up for the fabric rationing that impacted dresses.

Tell us how this hairstyle was created? How could we recreate this look at home?

Step 1) Apply hot rollers to all hair
Step 2) Pull all hair to the right side of the head
Step 3) Separate hair into two sections
Step 4) Tie bottom section and tease the ponytail and tuck under and pin
Step 5) Tease the upper section thoroughly using ample hairspray and tuck under. Pin this section then use the loose ends to create two curls
Step 6) Pin large flower between the sections

The '50s 
by Glam in Pink - Corrine Ong

What are the key components of a '50s look?

The '50s look is very glamorous and feminine
• Flawless matte-finish foundation
• Strong, defined eyebrows with a pointy arch
• Neutral eye shadow • Winged black eyeliner
• Matte lipstick, usually red

What are your top tips for healthy skin? 

• Apply SPF50 sunscreen generously 20 minutes before going out and reapply every two hours
• Avoid smoking and alcohol as both will accelerate ageing
• Drink plenty of water
• Get enough quality sleep
• Cleanse your skin and apply moisturiser

Do you recommend facials or any treatments before the wedding?

Facials are beneficial to your skin because they are deep cleansing, hydrating and they boost circulation. It is ideal to start six to 12 months prior to your wedding and avoid having facials too close to the day (no closer than 14 days out) in case your skin breaks out.

The '60s
by Bernice Makeup Artist

The '60s look is a very popular look for makeup artists. Tell us why?

There is nothing more dramatic than gorgeous lashes! The typical '60s look is all about the lashes and lash lines. I’ve noticed my brides are starting to choose more simple makeup, shying away from bold eyeshadow and wanting to show off soft, dewy skin with neutral shadows. But every girl loves beautiful lashes and a winged liner! An adaptation of the '60s look is a great combination of these two trends.

What are the key components of a '60s look?

Simple and understated. The key component for '60s makeup is clean skin with a winged liner. I created a beehive for my model as it is the most requested '60s hair look I get asked for, but it cannot be overdone. If the beehive is kept simple and elegant, anybody can have this look. I used texture powder to give my hair height without weighing it down. It keeps the look soft.

What type of bride would this look suit?

A bride who loves simplicity with a touch of chic. A winged liner done well can really look amazing in wedding photos, especially if your hair looks like you’ve naturally put it up yourself without too much fuss or hairspray.

The '70s
by Living Dolls Makeup Artistry

Tell us about the key components of a '70s look

Most people think blue eyeshadow when they hear the '70s, however the '70s was very much about a healthy bronzed sun-kissed glow — think Farrah Fawcett in her heyday. Hair was easy and flowing, tousled rather than too done.

What type of bride would suit this look?

I think the modern-day hipster would suit the '70s look, bohemian hair — think daisy chains and lace headbands — with bronze natural tones for makeup. The great thing about these tones is that you can still play up the eyes without the makeup looking overdone.

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