Hairstyles For Every Type Of Bride

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Our makeup artists share their tips so you can recreate your favourite look


Amanda — Allure Face and Body 

What defines the typical sensualist look?
Vera Wang believes a sensualist doesn’t wear a dress, she experiences it. The same belief applies with hair and makeup. A typical sensualist look defines one’s personality.

How have you created this look?
This look was created with Farrah Fawcett and Bridget Bardot on the mood board. In creating the eye, I went for depth of hues with a hint of silver-grey shimmer through the centre of the lid. Darkness graduated to create the smokiness and sexiness of the sensualist. This look is also highly contoured, creating strong cheek bones and jaw line. Soft lips fi nish and complement the look.

What type of bride would suit this look?
Big glamorous hair and dark glamorous makeup is best pulled off by a bride wanting to push the boundaries of the traditional bridal look. Best suited for an afternoon/evening ceremony, this look works best on brides with confi dence and those unafraid of makeup.


Bernice — Bernice Makeup Artist

What defines the individualist look?
A strong sultry smokey eye with a twist of colour for pop. This look is most suitable to brunettes, but can be softened down for lighter haired brides.

How can I recreate this look?
Prep skin and apply foundation. Define the inner eye with lilac and gold. In the centre of the eye, I have added a pop of bottle-green for contrast and then jet-black to contour. Contour your cheeks and apply a beautiful light lip colour to suit your skin tone. Don’t forget the lashes!

What are your top beauty tips for an individualist trying to create a unique bridal look? 
Don’t be afraid of adding in a hint of colour. If you feel this is too heavy a look for you, tone down the darker shading and focus on lashes more. If going with a strong eye, keep the lips simple.


Bernice — Bernice Makeup Artist

What defines the modernist look?
Definitely the eyeliner! It’s the pivotal part of this look.

How have you created this look?
The eyes here are very lightly coloured and contoured. Using a beautiful matte bone colour all over the lid, I then contoured with beige to highlight the bone structure in the eye. I applied mascara and then applied the false lashes. A gel liner was used to achieve a clean straight line. A beautiful cheek colour was then applied (I recommend beige or apricot).

Do you have any tips for replicating this eyeliner look?
I used a waterproof gel liner to get a clean straight line. Elongate your line as far as you feel comfortable; however, always mark it out first when looking straight in the mirror. Lightly bring the line underneath the eyes to just over halfway, so that it gives you that beautiful cat's eye.

What are your top tips for skin preparation?
Ensure you have set up a strong beauty regime a couple of months prior to your big day. Water is your best skin care product! Prepping your skin with a good-quality moisturiser will perfect your skin rather than sit on the surface. I prefer Embryolisse. 


Elissa — Ellie Makeup

What defines the typical naturalist look?
Glowing skin, flawless coverage, clear eyes and soft cheeks and lips. No area of the face takes over the other, but rather the whole look complements every angle it takes. Every part of the face and its features are just as important as each other. This look focusses on beautiful, dewy, fresh and amazing-looking skin and all-over radiance!

What techniques, colours and products were used for this look?
Natural-looking luminous skin is important for this look, so we’ve prepped the skin with Luxe Lumiere and finished off with Sheer luminous Fluide in Gleam for extra glow. A small amount of loose mineral crushed eyeshadow was used in Melilla and a slightly darker colour (such as Marrakesh) was blended into the crease.

What are your top beauty tips for creating luminous skin?
1. It is important to remember to start with clean skin and prime the face with our Retexture Creme Primer to prepare the skin.
2. It is also vital to mix an illuminator such as our Sheer Luminous Fluide into the Foundation to achieve a glow all over.
3. Finally, the finishing touch is a luminous powder, to highlight all the features of the face.


Harri — Hair by Harri

What defines the typical traditionalist look?
The traditionalist bride looks beyond fashion to style, enabling her to always appear relevant and timeless. Style icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy epitomise the traditionalist look.

How have you created this look?
This high chignon was created by directionally blow-drying the hair to create a smooth ponytail. Hot rollers were then applied to the ponytail to give the hair bend and bounce. Once the hot rollers were taken out, hair padding was strategically applied where the chignon was to be placed. The hair was then spread across the hair padding and pinned. The look was completed with the placing of an art deco comb to the side of the hair.

What are your top tips for healthy hair?
After washing, rinse with cold water to lock cuticles and enhance shine. When blow-drying, use the cold shot to further this process.


Alison — Alison Larwood Hair & Makeup

What defines the romanticist look?
The romanticist bride is someone who is not afraid to celebrate the romance of their wedding day. She expresses herself through her relaxed elegance and has elements of softness and delicacy with a modern vintage edge. This look would suit any bride who wants to look timeless, beautiful and romantic.

How have you created this look?
I began by using a liquid foundation to achieve a flawless complexion. I then used Stila eye shadows to create a soft-blended eye along with a beautiful defi ned brow. This enhanced the vintage feel of the look and allowed the lips to really make a statement. I used a beautiful deep burgundy colour from MAC to enhance the lips and create a more dramatic look, which is very in trend this season. I created soft vintage waves in the hair and incorporated them into an elegant up-do.

What are your top beauty tips?
Always start with a fl awless complexion. If your skin looks like beautiful, natural skin and not heavy foundation, you can make the eyes or lips as dramatic as you like without looking overdone.

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