Health Advice: Beat The Bloat

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Don’t let the unpredictability of your body stop you from looking and feeling fabulous on your wedding day. These are our secrets to a bloat-free belly.

With your big day approaching, you’ve been fuelling up on vegetables and hitting the gym to ensure your body looks gorgeous and your dress fits like a glove. Unfortunately, all your hard work is worthless if bloating strikes the morning of your wedding. 

There are a number of causes for bloating, so finding the source of your discomfort can be a challenge. Bloating can be brought on by myriad triggers, including excess gas in the abdomen, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, water retention, food intolerance and menstruation. If you aspire to flaunt a flat stomach at your wedding, there are changes you can make in your lifestyle and diet to reduce the likelihood of bloating ruining your day.

Exercise is the key to both preventing and curing a bloated stomach. Incorporate yoga into your fitness plan to aid digestion and on the day of your wedding, try to make time for a walk or a run. An active lifestyle will also help to reduce stress, another common contributor to bloating. For your body to look its best it is essential that you maintain a healthy diet long-term, not just before your wedding.

Identify the common foods which will exacerbate or alleviate bloating. For example, while gassy foods like beans and cruciferous vegetables wreak havoc on your digestive system, fruit and vegetables with a high water content help fl ush out your body. If your stomach refuses to deflate, a soothing cup of tea infused with peppermint, chamomile or dandelion roots will help to relieve your symptoms.

Remember, some bloat-inducing foods are packed with nutrients so don’t cut them out completely; simply limit them in the lead up to your wedding.



Water Alcohol
Peppermint Fizzy Drinks
Chamomile Caffine
Dandelion tea Fats
Ginger Salt
Lemon Sugar
Pineapple Wheat
Watermelon Fruit Juice
Cucumber Milk
Spinach Beans
Probiotic Yoghurt Broccoli
Wholegrain foods Cabbage
Lean Meat Brussel Sprouts
Fish Cauliflower
Quinoa Onion
Fresh, unsalted nuts Chewing gum


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