How To: Create A Professional Makeup Look

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Recreate your favourite beauty looks with tips from our expert makeup artists




Alison Larwood Hair & Makeup Artist

What defines the typical Armani look?
The makeup looks for Giorgio Armani always feature flawless, luminous skin and beauty with an edge. There’s usually something unusual, either a pop of colour or a bold, striking eye. Armani gives the perfect mix of feminine and edgy.

How have you created this look? What techniques and colours were used?
With this look I wanted to create a luminous, glowing quality. I used a liquid foundation to give a natural, flawless complexion and then used illuminators and highlighters around the brow, cheekbone and down the centre of the nose to help her skin glow. The main focus of this look is the dramatic eye, for which I used a combination of a deep pewter powder eyeshadow with a gel eyeliner over a pearlescent base shadow to create a modern interpretation of a glass cat’s eye. The hair is a modern, sexy and messy up-do incorporating a centre braid with twists to the sides, coming down to a low, braided bun.

What sort of bride would this look suit?
This look defi nitely suits a modern girl who wants to look fresh and beautiful but has an edge — someone who wants to be on-trend but appreciates a timeless quality. The Armani look suits brides who are elegant, chic and flirty.




Bernice Makeup Artist

What defines a typical Valentino look?
Valentino’s looks are always beautiful and clean and very glamorous — fresh skin that has a dewy glow.

How have you created this look? What techniques and colours were used?
Following the theme above, I have given Jemma a lovely simple smoky eye. To me, this look is all about the lips, so I’ve kept the cheek simple and just lightly contoured. I have accessorised the eyes with bar lashes, which are a must-have for a wedding! I have defined the inner part of the eye with sparkle. In the middle of the eye, I started with smoky grey and for the outer edge I really defi ned the contouring of Jemma’s eye shape with dark black. I’ve used a long-wearing red lip pencil to ensure that any bride’s lips will stay coloured all day long; the less touch-ups that a bride has to do the better.

What type of bride would this look suit?
This look is for a strong bride who really wants to look striking on her big day. It would definitely suit an afternoon/evening wedding as any lighting during the day would make the eyes look too harsh but afternoon/evening light would make this look spectacular. This look could be softened by not going so dark on the eye and still focusing on an amazing lip.





Allure Face and Body

What defines the typical Dior look?
The typical Dior look is bold and big and is often all about the eyes. Dior is about elegance and an attitude.

How have you created this look? What techniques and colours were used?
This is quite a warm winter look and can be achieved by using maroons and browns on the eye and lip.

What sort of bride would this look suit?
This would suit the bride who is not afraid of colour. It would be best suited to a winter bride and those who like a look that is more outside the realms of traditional bridal makeup.


Èllie Makeup

What defines the typical Versace makeup look?
The Versace look is defi ned by glamour: deep, smouldering lids, glowing skin and fl awless contouring. Lots of blending and highlighting make this look a fresher take than the catwalk and turns it into a bride’s perfect on-trend makeup look.

How have you created this look? What techniques and colours? 
This look has been created with precision to achieve symmetry on the layers of deep navy on the lids. It has been finished with soft edges with lots of blending and highlighting on the areas of the face to reflect light and create an illuminating glow. All products used can be purchased online at

What sort of bride would this look suit?
Every bride can be a Versace bride! It’s the perfect look as brides can still feel like themselves because it’s not too bold. Therefore, for the bride who wants to stand out and feel confident and sexy but be comfortable that her inner beauty is shining through, this is the look for you! The Versace bride is confi dent, alluring and a transforming beauty.


JC's Hair and Beauty Shack

What defines the typical Burberry look?
The Burberry look expands on a woman’s natural beauty. It creates this by using neutral colours and a subtle glow to promote and enhance facial features.

How have you created this look? What techniques and colours were used?
We focus on the undertones of the skin and hair colour to develop the colour palette. The foundation perfectly matches the natural skin colour to provide a natural flawless complexion. Warm brown tones in a light, medium and dark shade have been used to contour and shape the eyes, keeping the lid highlighted so the colour of the eyes stand out. The cheek and lip colours feature coral tones keeping the look fresh.

What sort of bride would this look suit?
This look suits most brides as natural beauty is in all of us.


Hair by Harri

What defines the typical Gucci look?
The typical Gucci look and hair styles are very sophisticated and glamorous. The high chignon is sophisticated while the hair pulled back off the face is a typically high-end look and the braid adds glamour to the style. The on-trend Gucci makeup is edgy, chic and ultra-sexy with strong eyes and lips.

How have you created this look?
The look was created by researching the Gucci SS12 runway and the ethos of the Gucci brand then translating this into a bridal look. The initial step was deciding if the hair was to be worn up or down. Once an up-style was decided on, the actual style was designed on paper before being styled for the shoot. The Gucci look is all about strength and confidence; therefore, the lips are intense and complement the eye perfectly with a rich red.

What techniques and colours?
First, the hair was set in hot rollers and then tied into a high ponytail. The ponytail was then styled into a high chignon using hair padding with an intricate, loose braid accenting the front. A rich, smouldering eye was created by layering charcoal and black eyeshadow on the lid and extending to the crease at the outer edge and the eye socket.

What sort of bride would this look suit?
This look and hairstyle would suit a glamorous bride with high-end classic styling. This style of makeup is perfect for a confident bride who wishes to make a statement and show their stunning beauty; a bride who is not afraid to express themselves.

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