Expert Advice: Accessorising The Bride

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You have the ring and the dress — now it’s time to find the perfect jewellery and accessories to complete your look.


Brides often get so caught up in the beauty of their engagement ring that all other accessories begin to pale in comparison. But there’s much more to wedding jewels than just the ring. There’s much to choose from — from tiaras to earrings and necklaces — and finding the right piece means finding the perfect fi nishing touch for your walk down the aisle.



Colour Me Beautiful
If you’ve chosen a traditional white gown and gleaming diamond engagement ring, why not add a touch of colour by way of your jewellery? A vibrant red ruby or stunning purple amethyst is not only eye-catching but can be used to co-ordinate with (though still stand out from) your bridesmaids or match the colour theme of your wedding. You can be as subtle or  as showy as you like; small pink stones in your ears will add a splash of individuality while a heavy emerald bracelet can be a statement piece. Use colour to make the traditional bridal-look your own.



Something old
A classic piece of jewellery, passed down or borrowed from a family member, is a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate an aspect of personal or historical significance into your wedding. Ask a female family member if she still has the necklace she wore to her own wedding or seek out your great-grandmother’s earrings as a reminder of where you came from on the day you begin your new life. Heirloom jewellery is a lovely way to incorporate tradition into a ceremony and you’ll be choosing something of worth and beauty that has lasted both in quality and style — this means your vintage piece will be something people are wowed by.

The Right Touch
Strapless gowns are an ever-popular choice for brides-to-be, a style we don’t fi nd too much of in our day-to-day wardrobes. Add a little bit of detail to your neckline with a simple (or not so simple) piece of jewellery; a straight-line gown will look great with a short strand of pearls or a chain and pendant at your throat. Pair a very classic, uncluttered dress with a more dramatic piece to add extra style. For gowns with a more detailed bodice or overall design, such as sleeves, high necklines or beads and embroidery, try a pair of earrings or a bracelet to add a finishing touch. Less of a feature than a bold necklace, these will add the sparkle that you’re looking for without becoming overpowering when matched with your dazzling dress.

I Crown Thee...
If you think the rock on your finger is sparkle enough, why not try a hairpiece rather than jewellery to accessorise your big-day look? Tiaras have always been a popular choice for those looking to be a princess on their wedding day, but jewelled or fabric headbands make less dramatic choices while still adding something special and individual to your hairdo. Hair clips come in all different styles and sizes, from jewels to flowers to feathers or ribbons, and can add a beautiful touch to your look. Fasten them into an updo, position to secure a veil or place one on the side, framing the face without being too overwhelming.

A Man's World
Your man might not spend so much time thinking about how to accessorise his look for the big day but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it for him. Cuffl inks can be a lovely wedding gift from you to your husband-to-be and will suit even the most jewellery-averse man. Cufflinks are available in a wide range of colours and designs, from the classic to the quirky. Melbourne-based company Absolute Cuffl inks offers a huge range of cuffl inks encompassing many sophisticated styles suitable for wedding attire in gold, silver and stainless steel. For the football fanatic, the company has a huge range of AFL cuffl inks, some with very subtle and classy silver etchings of team logos.
Visit for more styles.

By Claire Bolge 


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