A Z Guide To Wedding Transport

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a vehicle, and our glossary will drive you in the right direction


American classic cars such as the Cadillac or Chevrolet are ideal for a quirky theme and will get your day off to a fun start.

Balloon rides offer an exhilarating option and an experience you will remember forever.

Classic brides are best suited to a Jaguar, Daimler or Bentley to ensure a formal entrance.

Delays or break downs are a potential threat, so be prepared for all eventualities with a list of taxi services or backup cars.

Eco-friendly brides will favour a good oldfashioned bicycle or tandem trike.

Ferrari! Guys in particular will enjoy the opportunity to hire a prestige model for the big day.

Glamorous brides are extravagant and flamboyant; a stretch

Hummer will attract the attention they crave. Horse-and-carriage rides convey the grandeur of a bygone era. Evoke your inner Cinderella on your fairy-tale day.

Individual style is a key component when it comes to choosing your wedding transportation.

Just-married signs, dangling cans and streamers — arranged by the bridal party — will send you off with a good old-fashioned bang.

Keep a seat free in your chosen vehicle for the photographer. You’ll get some fantastic paparazzi-style shots enroute to the ceremony.


Limousines are the quintessential wedding car, making you feel like a celebrity.

Mini Coopers or little Volkswagens are a fun and zippy alternative for smaller bridal parties.

Novelty cars such as caravans, 1950s London taxis or even the classic rickshaw are current favourites.

Old-world charm for vintage brides can be found with a Cadillac or Seville Convertible.

Party bus is a fun way of transporting guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Quotes should be collected from all hire firms six to nine months before the wedding.

Rolls-Royce adds a touch of romance and charm to your day and will look timelessly elegant in photographs.

Schedule everything. Create a call sheet with the names of guests and all pick-up and drop-off addresses and times.



Top up or down? It’s important to consider the beautiful bride and bridesmaids who have spent hours on their makeup and hair!

Umbrellas in case it rains, champagne and nibbles enroute and a red carpet entrance — investigate the extras on offer that will make your journey special.

intage themes will be enhanced by an old-school ride in a 1920s Dodge or a 1930s Vauxhall.

White or black, silver or red, the colour of your vehicle should maintain continuity with the rest of your wedding theme.

X marks the spot — a helicopter can land almost anywhere and is sure to give your guests something to talk about.

Yachts, rowboats and even gondolas are quirky options if your wedding is near the water.

Zip away into the sunset on a Vespa, giving guests a cheeky last glimpse of the newlymarried couple.

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