A Rainbow Of Wedding Dresses

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It may seem unheard of to select a red or blue wedding dress, so why some brides are stepping out of their comfort zone and walking down that aisle in a coloured wedding dress?

Ever wondered what it would be like to step out of a white wedding dress and slide your figure into a coloured wedding dress? Choose the right coloured dress and understand just what the colours actually symbolize.


Ah the common, white wedding gown. Traditionally a white wedding dress symbolizes purity and a clean soul in a number of different religions and cultures. It also represents the recreation of your youth and innocence. It was Queen Victoria who started the trend of wearing a white wedding dress. In Victorian times, a white wedding dress represented wealth and class. People who could afford a white wedding dress were often associated with the ‘upper’ class of society of the period.

In Japanese culture, a white wedding dress is often worn by the bride as it symbolizes death; as the bride is taken away by the husband and has therefore become ‘dead’ to her family. Ouch!


Brides who don’t want a white wedding dress but want something that is plain and simplistic, may select an ivory wedding dress. The off-white colour symbolizes honesty, balance and a thoughtful personality. Ivory is also worn by brides who thrive on elegance and luxury. A bride who wears ivory will often indicate they love to live a luxurious lifestyle with nice clothes, top-end furniture and elegant styling décor’ for their home. So, if you're one to live a ‘luxurious lifestyle,’ an ivory coloured wedding dress may be the right fit for you.


A red wedding dress is often worn by brides of Eastern culture; China, Taiwan, India and Vietnam. The colour red is associated with luck and fortune. By wearing a red wedding dress, the bride will have associated herself with luck and fortune. The colour is also extremely romantic and the next most socially acceptable colour for a wedding dress in today’s society.


A blue wedding dress is affiliated with peace and relaxation. A bride who possesses these qualities might consider wearing a blue wedding dress. The colour also symbolizes tranquility, harmony and serenity for the bride and the groom on their wedding day. Admittedly, the colour for a wedding dress is quite uncommon throughout Australia however, there is a slowly growing trend of daring bride’s stepping out of their comfort zone and giving a blue wedding dress a go.


Purple is a colour of imagination and stimulation of fantasy, individuality and mystery. It is uncommon for brides to select purple as the colour of their wedding dress, but by doing so, they show individuality and uniqueness. ‘A free spirit,’ and one who ‘doesn’t follow the crowd,’ are often the characteristics that are associated with bride’s who decide on a purple wedding dress.


Pink is a much softer colour than red and is correlated with unconditional love, nurturing and calmness. Selecting pink as a wedding dress colour indicates that you possess a loving, generous and caring nature. The colour may seem a little too ‘girly’ or ‘Barbie-like’ however, with a soft pink tone or a rosy pink colour, it is sure to set that aisle you walk down on fire.

All of these colours represent individuality and uniqueness on many levels and are special in their own way. Each reflects a personality and individualistic traits. 

So, let's get shopping! 




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