A Hanami Honeymoon

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Are you and your partner in search for an exclusive destination for your honeymoon, offering both vibrant culture and majestic views?

Are you and your partner in search for an exclusive destination for your honeymoon, offering both vibrant culture and majestic views? The perfect pink blanket, coating Japan’s stunning landscape, makes for a perfect destination for Australian couples looking for a unique escape. The blooming cherry blossom season is short lived; peaking in March. This small window of opportunity and limited timing should be no excuse to avoid the unique floral event. The picture perfect cherry blossom tree spectacular of Japan will surely add an extra special touch to your post wedding memoirs.

 Moving away from traditional honeymoon locations of warm and tropical climate, the cool and damp weather offers a diverse experience for newlyweds. The ancient natural process has been culturally incorporated into the lives of the Japanese people and its visiting tourists. Festivals, night walks, delicious cuisine and drinks are the peak in celebration and festivity. These paramount events are all located in the heart of Mother Nature’s gift; under the cherry blossom trees themselves. In combination with all of the cultural events, the soft pink petals from the cherry blossoms will cascade down from above you and sprinkle a never to forget highlight for you and your partner’s Japanese experience.

Alongside with the iconic cherry blossom viewing, there are many more wonderful sites to see in Japan. The beautiful white Himeji castle is a represent of Japanese history through its pristine architecture, withstanding attacks from enemies during World War II. Also, the Great Buddha of Kumakara is a must see, an iconic statue that mirrors the predominant religion that encompasses the beliefs of the Japanese people. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is another iconic construction in which visitors can enter and are immersed into the grand showcase of Japanese history and art. During Hanami season, all of these countryside touristic locations are the perfect place to indulge in a monumental time with your loved one.

If your wedding is a little earlier on in the year, don’t stress. The Hanami season, starts a little earlier on in the south in Okinawa and a little later on in the north of Hokkaido. The cherry blossoms in the south begin to flower as early as January and in the north as late as May. That gives newlywed couples a five month gap to view the amazing event and submerge deep within the Hanami culture.

If you and your loved one are set to travel early on during the year and want something more than just a cultural experience, Japan’s snowfields and amazing ski resorts are another feature that forte adventurous newlyweds.  Whether it be Hakuba, Niseko or Nozawa, there is bound to be a smoothly groomed slope that will be your golden gateway to a white winter adventure. The ski resorts also offer stunning views of the winter landscape that will surely be a memorable panorama of your honeymoon.

Any time of year is a great time to visit Japan and its surrounding sights. Its dynamic Hanami culture, fun-filled festivals and white winter escape all provide a wonderful place for your honeymoon, which will be engraved in the hearts of you and your loved one forever.  



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